Mount Allison offers generous and competitive scholarship opportunities for entering students.

Mount Allison's entrance scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated:

  • extracurricular involvement
  • leadership experience
  • community service
  • work/internship experience
  • as well as academic transcripts

In addition to entrance scholarships, Mount Allison offers designated scholarships that include some of our top scholarships (up to $48,000) such as the Marjorie Young Bell Scholarships, and the L.A. Goodridge Scholarship.

Applying for scholarships  

You can apply for all scholarships at the same time you apply for admission, within your MtA application account.

You may log in anytime to submit supporting documentation, if required.


To be awarded a scholarship, you are required to submit your most recent transcript. If applying for early admission with Grade 11 marks, a Grade 12 course list must be included.

For a better understanding of how to apply, read our scholarship tips.

Or for more information, contact our financial aid and awards counsellor, or (506) 364-2258.

Combining scholarships and bursaries

Please note that students who have financial need may also apply for an entrance bursary. Mount Allison entrance bursaries and entrance scholarships can be combined to cover or partially cover the cost of your Mount Allison degree.