First-year courses:

First-year Commerce students normally enrol in Economics 1001 and 1011, Math 1111 or 1151, Computer Science 1631, and 18 elective credits taken from any combination of academic disciplines. Students will want to include COMM 1011 as an elective course in the Winter term.
Please review this information regarding a Math Assessment Test for calculus (MATH 1111 or 1151) which should be written prior to classes beginning in the fall. You can visit the Math Department website for an explanation of the difference between MATH 1111 and 1151. 

Bachelor of Commerce students will complete their Science and Social Science distribution requirements while completing Commerce degree requirements. You are advised to work toward completing distribution requirements in the Humanities and Arts and Letters in your first year. You are also advised to sample introductory courses with a view to choosing a minor.