This quick guide for first year students highlights key resources to help you through the course selection and registration process.

  1. Review the course selection advice for your degree program

  2. Review the lists of courses without prerequisites. These courses are available to all students. This is the full list of courses you can choose from for the Fall term. You may also enrol in any of the courses listed for the Winter term. Keep in mind there may be additional Winter term courses available to you if you fill a prerequisite in the Fall. For example, if you register for SOCI 1001 in the Fall, you can also register for SOCI 1201 in the Winter. 

  3. Build a schedule of courses. You should register for five courses (15 credits) in each term. Be sure to schedule any labs/tutorials associated with your courses. The timetables for Fall and Winter are the complete lists of courses offered in the regular academic year. Check the timetable to determine the days and times when your selected courses are scheduled (you can also view this information when you search for courses in Connect@MTA). Course descriptions are available in Connect@MTA as well as in part III of the academic calendar

  4. Consult this step-by-step guide for instructions on how to register for courses in your Connect@MTA account. Please review this information on placement tests required for registration in French language courses and calculus (MATH 1111 or 1151).

Problems or questions? Read our FAQ and tips for planning your timetable which includes important information on placement tests for calculus and french language courses.
Further resources are available at and 

Contact the Academic Advisor at or (506) 364-3200 with any questions.