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Please note:

  • Part-time and Spring/Summer students must pay tuition in full before being registered.
  •  Only students who are in good standing may register for correspondence courses. Students on academic probation must request dean’s permission to register for a correspondence course. See section 10.9.15 of the academic calendar for information about academic probation and academic suspension.
  • Students may register for up to six credits per term via correspondence as part of a regular course load. Students wishing to register for more than six credits via correspondence require dean’s permission. See section 10.3.5 of the academic calendar for information about course loads.
  • Full-time students registered in more than 15 credits in a term will be charged additional tuition fees if any of their credits are from correspondence courses. See section 4.1.3 of the academic calendar for information on overload fees.
  • First year students are not permitted to take correspondence courses. First year students wishing to take correspondence courses must request dean’s permission.
  • To request dean’s permission, please complete the dean’s permission request form on Connect. You will not be registered until an approval of your request is received by the Registrar’s Office from an academic dean.



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