Correspondence courses  - Winter 2018

The following is a tentative list of winter term correspondence courses. Course offerings are subject to change. Please check this website frequently for the most current offerings.

Please Note: 

* Correspondence courses are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient registrations.  


2018 Winter Term

ECON 1001 Principles of Microeconomics, TBA

HIST 1611  Expansion of Europe Abroad, TBA (Moodle)

HIST 2411  Canada to 1871, TBA (Moodle)

HIST 3251  Class, Gender, Capitalism, TBA (Moodle)

HIST 3441  Modern Canada, TBA (Moodle)

INLR 3001  Gender & International Relations, TBA (Moodle)

MATH 2311 Statistics I, TBA

RELG 2801, Intro to Western Religions, TBA

SOCI 1001  Intro to Sociology, TBA

SOCI 2211  Gender Relations, TBA (Moodle)

SOCI 3731  Applied Social Research, TBA

SOCI 3751  Sociology of Leadership, TBA (Moodle)



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