The University academic advisor is available to assist all new and returning students from year one to graduation.  

Advising is available throughout the year by e-mail, phone, or by appointment. Walk-in appointments are not available during peak registration periods (e.g. first two weeks of classes in a term, or opening of registration in April). At other times in the year walk-ins are welcome subject to availability (please check in at the registrar’s office service desk). 

Sarah Kardash, academic advisor
Room 234, Registrar's Office, 2nd floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre
Phone: (506) 364-3200

It is strongly recommended that students with a declared major/ minor seek academic advising from a program advisor.
For career advising please visit 

Academic advising is:
  • Developing education plans for achieving your goals
  • Receiving advice on academic matters
  • Taking ownership of your education
  • Making effective and informed decisions concerning your degree
  • Connecting university experiences to personal, academic, and career goals
  • Collaboration and partnership 

The academic advisor can:

  • Assist with course selection and registration
  • Help interpret academic policies and procedures
  • Help you consider options for major and minor programs
  • Clarify degree and program requirements
  • Assist with program planning and  tracking progress towards graduation
  • Provide guidance in formulating and realizing academic goals
  • Help you understand the consequences of academic decisions
  • Respond to concerns related to academic performance and academic standing
  • Answer your questions on academic matters and regulations
  • Highlight important dates and deadlines
  • Make referrals to appropriate resources

Please remember that advising is a shared responsibility between the advisor and the student. Students are ultimately responsible for their education and decisions.