Women's and Gender Studies program FAQ 
updated Feb. 15, 2016

We appreciate the concerns that have been expressed concerning the status of the Women's and Gender Studies program. The FAQs below are intended to answer questions you may have. For questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact either the dean of arts or the acting program director.

How will the program be funded for 2016-17?
Funding for teaching will be provided through the creation of an additional McCain Fellowship for the year. All other funding associated with the program (office supplies, photocopying, student assistants, general supplies) will continue on the same basis as previous years.

What does this mean for students currently enrolled in the program?
This means that the McCain Fellow will be here for 12 months and will be able to teach four courses in 2016-17.

Can students not currently in the program declare their intention to take the WGST minor?

Yes. This includes students applying to Mount Allison for first year, current students adding or switching minors, or transfer students.

Is the tenure-track position for the WGST program also approved at this time?
No, that requires a separate process, which applies to all new or replacement tenure-track positions at the University. This is described below.

When are decisions about tenure-track positions reviewed?
Tenure-track appointments are typically reviewed in September of each year, after departments and programs have had a chance to review their requirements. Proposals are submitted to the University Planning Committee (a committee of Senate), which reviews all proposals and brings forward recommendations.

When a tenure-track appointment becomes available, is it automatic that the department or program automatically receives a replacement appointment?
It is not automatic. Tenure-track appointments reside with a given department or program until they are vacated. When a position becomes available, replacement proposals are submitted to the University Planning Committee. These proposals are considered alongside the needs of all academic departments.

Is there a chance that a replacement tenure-track position will not be approved for WGST?

Yes, in that there is no guarantee that a proposal for a tenure-track replacement in any department or program will be approved. It depends on a number of factors, among them the needs of other academic departments or programs, how many other proposals have been submitted to the University Planning Committee, and the overall University budget.

What can you say about the long-term prospects for the program?
The immediate priority has been to develop a plan for 2016-17. As part of the current strategic planning exercise, university-wide discussions will consider our academic structure and programs. At the same time the University Planning Committee will be reviewing proposals for tenure-track positions this fall. These activities will include an examination of the best way to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Women’s and Gender Studies program.