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Counselling Services
Counselling Services

What is Counselling Services?

Our mandate as Student Development Counsellors is to encourage you to become an active participant in the maintenance of your own well-being, rather than to provide long-term treatment for mental illness. Student Development Counselling is a short-term, solution focused service, which provides guidance for personal concerns (such as stress, relationship problems, adjustment to university, sexuality, body image, life goals, grief, self-esteem) and helps students develop coping skills and strategies for self-care.

Although we are here to help any student as far as possible, please note that Student Development Counsellors are not psychologists, nor are we specialists who are trained in specific types of therapy. If you have a specific mental health diagnosis which requires long term or specialized therapy, you will find more suitable care options in the surrounding community.  If you do attend counselling on campus and your concerns are deemed to be outside of the Student Development Counselling scope of practice, we will help you find an alternative resource that can serve you better.  Click here  to find out more about these resources.

How do I make an appointment?  
If you are seeking counselling for personal issues, please call 364-2163, or drop by the Wellness Centre (8:30 a.m.-noon, and 1 p.m.-4:30 p.m.) to make an appointment. 

In compliance with our standards of practice, and to ensure that everyone who requests counselling is assisted in the shortest time possible, we enforce the following policy:

  • Each student is eligible to book eight counselling sessions per academic year  
    • Sessions are 50 minutes long
    • Up to two appointments per month can be arranged 
Students requiring longer term, more frequent, or specialized therapy can be referred to available community resources. Counsellors have the right to discontinue service if in his/her professional opinion the client is unable or unwilling at the present time to take reasonable actions to strive toward therapeutic goals, or if the presenting concerns have been reasonably addressed. It has been our experience that the majority of students are able to adequately resolve their concerns in less than three sessions.  

What if I am in crisis?
If you are experiencing a crisis, such as imminent suicidal intent (i.e., you have a current plan to attempt suicide and/or cannot keep yourself safe) or you are experiencing psychotic symptoms (e.g., hallucinations, delusions), you should attend the local emergency room (Sackville Memorial Hospital - 8 Main Street). Depending on the situation, you may then be referred to the Moncton Hospital (135 MacBeath Ave), where a psychiatrist may be available to assess the situation. If you (or a peer experiencing a crisis) cannot or will not attend the hospital, you should contact the Mobile Mental Health Crisis Team (2-10 pm):1-866-771-7760. This team consists of mental health care providers who will attend the residence of the person in crisis, and can arrange for the next steps in your care.  

Cancellation policy

Please keep in mind that punctuality is important, so try to arrange to be on time for your appointment(s). If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, it will be cancelled. When possible, we request that you cancel any appointment(s) at least 24 hours in advance. Students who continue to miss their appointments may be placed on a waiting list until services become more available.

Catherine Fawcett, MSW & Laura Horsman, MSW

Student Development Counsellors


Ground Floor

Wallace McCain Student Centre

62 York St.

Sackville NB E4L 1E2

T: 506-364-2163

F: 506-364-2172

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m. & 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.