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  Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 year in the English Department

We are happy to be welcoming three instructors back to the English Department for the Fall 2016 and Winter 2017 year.

Sarah Fanning will be returning to teach ENGL 1201 D, (Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis) in the Fall term,
and ENGL 1801 B, (Introduction to Prose Fiction) in the Winter term. 
Geordie Miller will be teaching ENGL 1801 A, (Introduction to Prose Fiction)
and ENGL 3911 A, (Studies in Literary Genre) in the Fall 2015 term.
Brad Simkulet will be teaching two classes of 1201, (Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis) in the Fall,
and he will be teaching ENGL 1121 A, (Literature, Science and Technology)
and ENGL 1201-G, (Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis) in the Winter 2016 term.  


  Note to 2016 - 2017 third and fourth year English students: 

     There are still places available in English 4941 for the Fall term. Interested students should
write to the instructor, Dr. T. Craig 

This seminar course examines the use of the term "World Literature" against modified and expanded post-colonial theory,
using texts written in or translated into English. The aim is to introduce students to texts and writers coming from positions
and places not likely to be encountered in Mount Allison's English or Modern Languages courses. This is not a comparative
literature course, but rather an examination of a canon by itself, those books that writers and publishers choose to
bring to the world in English. Texts will include works from Kurdistan, Fiji, Kuwait, India, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Turkey,
and South Africa, as well as the "people-smuggled" constituency of refugees. The backbone of seminars will include topics
such as the concept of nation identity, issues of translation and self-translation, the appropriation of "Axis of Evil" voices
for propaganda, the issues raised by prizes such as the Nobel, the impact of the Internet on global publishing, and
reading for self-interrogation and awareness of Othering. The course is intended to help students recognize the
restraints in being a Western reader, and find strategies for transcending them.

   Tentative List of Texts:

The Norton Anthology of World Literature Vol. F
The Arab of the Future    Riad Sattouf
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian   Marina Lewicka
The God of Small Things   A. Roy
An African in Greenland   Tete-Michel Kpomassie

The Man in Blue Pajamas  Jalal Barzanji

English April 2016 End of Year _________________________________________________________________________________________________ English 3850 Field Trip 2016 
 AAUEC 2016 
 October 16, 2015 Mount Allison University
Academic Fair & Open House  
October 2015 University Academic Fair & Open House
Behind the table are Mitchell Gunn, Alex McGrath, and Kennedy Lundberg, English Students, with Professor Robert Lapp in the back, and Professor Andrea Beverley on the far right.
In front of the table, prospective students and current students discuss aspects of the program.
  September 2015 English Department Open House
 2015 McKiel Scholarship R. LApp and Milo Hicks
Robert Lapp with Milo Hicks, First Annual McKiel Scholarship Winner 
    2014 - 2015 Prize Winners and 7 Mondays Editors  
For a complete list of 2014 - 2015 winners, please go to the English Department News Page!

  Welcome to the 2015 - 2016 year in the English Department
This year we welcome back Brad Simkulet  who will be teaching Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis in the Fall and Winter terms and  Introduction to Prose Fiction in the Winter 2016 term.        
New to Mount Allison University this year,  we welcome
Dr. Geordie Miller who will be teaching Creative Writing, Contemporary Literature Theory I and II in the Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 terms.  

 Mount Allison University Open House

October 17, 2014

Haley Shaw and Jordan Holmes  

Faces of the English Department -
    Haley Shaw and Jordan Holmes
    Meeting and greeting prospective students.

Shaw and Holmes



 October 14, 2014

 We invite you to come out this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. in The Chapel to hear
  Ann Eriksson & Gary Geddes
read from their work

Ann Eriksson's Book - High Clear Bell of Morning

 Gary Geddes' Book - What Does a House Want?

Hope to see you there!



2014 - 2015 English Students:  Thanks for stopping by on  Monday, September 8th

 at the first-ever English Department Open House!  

Lapp with Hicks and Tan


September 2014 Open House
; Faculty Updates for 2014 - 2015

The English Department welcomes
Dr. Andrea Beverley (Ph.D. Université de Montréal) who will be teaching Canadian Feminist Literature,
Dr. Geoff Hamilton (Ph.D. University of Toronto), who joins us this year to teach American Literature and Literary Theory,
Dr. Sarah Fanning (Ph.D. University of Exeter) who will be teaching Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis and Introduction to Prose Fiction,  and
Dr. Judith Crichton, (Ph.D. Sherbrook) who will be with us for the Fall Term teaching Early Canadian Literature.
Prize Winners for 2013 - 2014
 Sean McDonell - Allison Watson Beveridge Prize in (English Grad with highest achievement)
Karissa LaRocque - Jennie Robinson Quinn Prize (Female with highest standing)
Sean McDonell - Graham Atlantic Prize in Creative Writing
Cecilia Jennings - Roger Calkins Prize in Shakespeare Studies
Norman Nehmetallah - Grace Tomkinson Memorial Prize in English (highest achievement in third-year English)
Madison Hicks - Edwin Ernest Graham Memorial Prize (highest standing in second-year English)
Rachelle Tan - Carrie MacMillan Prize in Canadian Literature

 Attention Students!  
We have added information and links to the English Student Information Page. 
Please check it out for information regarding Creative Writing (Section 1), Beyond the B.A. (Section 2),
and Organizations, Competitions & Awards (Section 3).
February 25, 2014
If you have any questions, please contact  
 The majority of students take at least one English course during their undergraduate career.
While the curriculum focuses upon literary study, students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for the
English language that will stand them in good stead in all other fields of academic and professional endeavour.
The language is every student's essential instrument of understanding and expression and the
subject-matter of the literature touches upon every area of human knowledge and experience.
  Faculty of Arts Student Research Symposium
April 11, 2014

FoA Student Research Symposium 2014
Full program
 English Literatures Faculty
      2013 - 2014
      Mount Allison University 
 2013 - 2014 English Faculty
Standing left to right, Deborah Wills, Karen Bamford, Janine Rogers, Christl Verduyn, Peter Brown, Erin Wunker, Travis Mason
 Seated, Robert Lapp, Head
. Absent Ross Bullen
   Geoff Berner 
     November 14 - 15, 2013
      Mount Allison University 
Geoff Berner
Geoff Berner, Festival Man Canada Release Tour performed
 at Sackville’s own Thunder & Lightning Ideas Ltd. Pub, and on Friday,
 he participated in class discussions with Dr. Erin Wunker's English Poetry class. 
Miranda Hill
November 13, 2013
Mount Allison University

 Miranda Hill  

 Mount Allison students and faculty welcomed award-winning author, Miranda Hill
 who delivered a most enjoyable Canada Council Reading. 
  Students from two English classes, one with Dr. Deborah Wills and the other
 with Dr. Christl Verduyn, also had the privilege of in class discussions with Ms. Hill.

 October 31, 2013

Mount Allison University
Professor Ahab
  Ross Bullen  

  Dr. Ross Bullen 
  Preparing for another day in the English Literatures classroom!      


Chad Norman
 October 24, 2013

Mount Allison University
 Chad Norman  

Chad Norman joined faculty and students from the Mount Allison English Society for a
reading and discussion on his latest poetry collection, Masstown.


 Mount Allison University Open House 
 October 18, 2013
  Open House

On October 18, 2013, Mount Allison University hosted an open house for prospective students and parents. 
The Department of English Literatures was represented by Dr. R. Lapp, Head, Department of English
and 3 students from the English Society, left to right,
Brigitte DesRoches, Jordan Holmes, and Karissa LaRocque.

Annual Atlantic Undergraduate English Conference 
  March 15- 17, 2013 
Mount Allison University
Poets in Dialogue
 Don McKay and Amanda Jernigan
Don McKay & Amanda Jernigan
delivered a very engaging Keynote event, readying everyone for
 the readings and discussions over the next two days.
Conference attendants from around the Atlantic Provinces had an opportunity to present their
 own papers and creative writing, and also to listen to many other presentations.
  The AAUEC organizers would like to thank everyone for their support and participation, making this a truly successful event.