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Awards and Prizes

The Harold Melville Rogers Memorial Medal in Biology and Bacteriology.  

This medal is awarded (1) to the student graduating with First Class Honours who secures the highest average in all required courses of the department; or (2) to a student without First Class Honours, if such a student is of marked brilliance. In each case consideration shall be given to the qualities and ideals which mark the highest type of University student and scientist.

The Fensom Prizes.
  Prizes are awarded to students who have given the best public presentations of their Biology 4950 or Biology 4990 project during the thesis presentations at the end of the year. These are judged by a committee of three, which has members from outside and within the department.  First place receives $100, second and third place receives $80 each.
The Ruggles Gates Award.
  As a memorial to Professor R. Ruggles Gates and donated by his widow Mrs. Laura Ruggles Gates, an award of $250 is open to a Biology student whose academic standing is high and who shows promise of the ability to do original research. This award is normally given to a student in their fourth year who is working on an honours thesis. 
Laura Gates Awards.
  As a memorial to Mrs. Laura Ruggles Gates, from her estate, a prize is awarded to up to four Biology students who have shown outstanding ability in the art of instructing undergraduate laboratory exercises.
The Harold Chapman Steeves And Annalea Steeves Memorial Prize.
  This prize was established by Mrs. Warren F. Smith of Tacoma, Washington, and Dr. Lea C. Steeves of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in memory of their father and mother. The prize will be awarded to an outstanding student majoring or honouring in Biology and will be awarded at the end of the third year. 
William Thomas Ross Flemington Scholarship.
  This prize was established by Mrs. Inez Flemington in memory of her husband Dr. William Thomas Ross Flemington. The prize will be awarded to a student entering the third year, who has a good academic record and who has indicated some interest and skill in field work and/or laboratory work. 
The Bio-Med Society Prize.
  This award was originally established by the 1973-74 Bio-Med Society, but has since been contributed to by the 1979-80 Bio-Med Society and by an endowment from Mrs. Lucy L. Yardley ("Lee" Ball, class of '42). The Prize is awarded to a student who achieves high standing and shows outstanding promise as a biologist in certain second-year Biology courses.
The Lady Henrietta E. Banting Prize.
  This award is the income from an endowment established by Mrs. Lucy L. Yardley ("Lee" Ball, class of '42), in memory of her sister, Lady Henrietta E. Banting. The Prize is awarded to a student who achieves high standing in certain second-year Biology courses and shows outstanding promise as a biologist. 
The Weeks Prize.
  A capital sum given by the Rev. E.S. Weeks and Mrs. Weeks (Mary Elizabeth Poole) to provide an annual prize to the student achieving the highest standing in Biology 1001/1501.



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