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Academic Staff
Dr. Briand
Dr. Glen Briand
BSc (St. Francis Xavier), PhD (Dalhousie)
Associate Professor
Barclay 317
Inorganic Chemistry
Research Area:
Coordination Chemistry of Heavy p-Block Metals
Group Website (Metal Heads)
Research Interests

     Our research involves the synthesis and characterization of organometallic and metal-organic compounds of the heavier p-block elements (e.g. In, Pb), which possess interesting Lewis acid and base properties. In addition to the development of the fundamental reactive and structural chemistry of these elements, this work has potential applications in: 1) Materials Chemistry - organometallic heavy element Lewis acid-base adducts (e.g. group 13-16) prepared in our group have potential as high-purity organometallic/ metal organic precursors required for the thin-film methods employed in the preparation of semiconductor materials (e.g. MOCVD); and, 2) Medicinal Chemistry - certain isotopes of some of the heavier group 13 elements (e.g. 111In) are currently being examined for use in radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging. Our studies of the coordination chemistry of In involve suitable ligands for preparing radio-pharmaceuticals with improved physical properties. The interaction of the resulting metal-ligand complexes with biologically relevant molecules is also being examined.

Recent Publications

"Structure and Reactivity of the Cationic Lead(II) Thiolate [(4-Me3NC6H4S)6Pb3][PF6]6" Glen G. Briand, Andreas Decken, Mathew C. Finniss, April D. Gordon, Naomi E. Hughes, and Lauren M. Scott. Polyhedron, 33, 171-178 (2012).

"Investigating Intermolecular Bonding in Diphenylbismuth(III) Chalcogenolates: X-ray Crystal Structures of (Ph2BiSR’) (R’ = Ph; 2,6-Me2C6H3)" Glen G. Briand, Andreas Decken, Nicole M. Hunter, Graham M. Lee, Jennifer A. Melanson and Evan M. Owen. Polyhedron, 31, 796-800 (2012).

"A Structural Investigation of Dimethylthallium(III) Thiolate and Selenolate Rings and Polymers" Glen G. Briand, Andreas Decken, Nicole M. Hunter, John A. Wright and Y. Zhou. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 5430-5436 (2011).

"Structural Effects of Varied Steric Bulk in 2,(4),6-Substituted Dimethylthallium(III) Phenoxides" Glen G. Briand, Andreas Decken, J. Ian McKelvey and Y. Zhou. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2298-2305 (2011).

"Rationalizing Oligomerization in Dimethylindium(III) Chalcogenolates (Me2InER’) (E = O, S, Se): A Structural and Computational Study". Glen G. Briand, Andreas Decken and Nathan S. Hamilton. Dalton Transactions, 39, 3833 - 3841 (2010).


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