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Tarek El-Khatib

Photo of El-Khatib.Tarek El-Khatib is an architect and artist who received a degree in architecture from the University of Toronto in 1983. His mentor, Eberhard Zeidler, had a large influence on El-Khatib’s early work; in 1998 El-Khatib became a partner, and in the last 20 years he has built the firm’s now international reputation and emerged as one of Canada’s leading architects. 

Senior partner of Zeidler Partnership Architects since 2002, El-Khatib has directed complex design programs for healthcare, academic institutions, and performing arts facilities. Major public projects include the Canadian Diplomatic Complex in Seoul, Korea, the John M. Parrott Art Galleries, and the Assuta Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel. Currently El-Khatib is guiding the design for projects in Toronto including one for GO Transit’s Union Station and Ryerson University’s Student Learning Centre. Drawing inspiration from the visual arts, sculpture, and painting, he places importance on seeking out a unique identity for each project and reinforces the ideologies of local history, context and cultural flow. He resolves perceived challenges through the architecture of fascinating spaces.

El-Khatib is a strong leader who initiates conversations about bold ideas, and possesses a rare quality of talent that brings about transformation through collaboration.  Throughout his career he has continued a pursuit of artistic juxtaposition, social impact of design, social convergences, design for sustainability, and places that emphasize how people use space.

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Zeidler Partnership Architects

Having been established for 50 years, Zeidler Partnership Architects brings with it the experience of 80 professionals in its Toronto headquarters, and over 200 worldwide. Three senior partners, Alan Munn, Tarek El-Khatib. and Vaidila Banelis, and six partners, lead a dedicated team that pursue quality as the foundation of their practice.

Zeidler Partnership’s portfolio covers virtu­ally the entire range of architectural, urban and interior design, from large mixed-use master plans and complexes to small residences and offices. They bring a deep understanding of architecture for post-secondary programs to Mount Allison University’s Fine and Performing Arts Centre.  Zeidler Partnership Architects has designed more than 60 educational facilities for students of every age and type, including schools for specialized programs such as medicine and nursing.  Recent projects in Ontario include the Ryerson University Student Learning Centre, York Accolade at York University, and the Mohawk College Electronic Learning Centre. Further, creating a performing arts centre is one of the most complex architectural undertakings possible, demanding the highest level of spe­cialized expertise. Zeidler brings the experience of more than 60 indoor and outdoor performing arts venues.

Through extensive consultation Zeidler translates an institution’s values, beliefs, and pedagogy into inspiring spaces that facilitate instruction and provide a community atmosphere focused on academic excellence. 

By carefully integrating functional efficiency and inspirational form, Zeidler demonstrates the power creative design has in enabling institutions to deliver on their mission.

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Exp is a full service architectural, engineering and consulting firm that employs over 300 highly qualified and experienced architects, engineers, scientists, technologists, and business personnel in the Atlantic Provinces alone, as well as throughout Canada and the United States. Exp offers analysis, design, project management, construction management, building commissioning, and quality assurance to commercial, institutional, and industrial clients worldwide. The firm also offers many commissioning staff, including specialists in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, and low voltage systems.

Exp's team is committed to quality with a system that covers all aspects of project delivery, from proposal preparation to closeout, thus ensuring that a high degree of quality and consistency is maintained. The team understands the importance of effectively planning and executing projects for clients in a surprise-free environment.

Past projects with Mount Allison include the Wallace McCain Student Centre, Campbell Hall, the Windsor Quad, and the Academy Gardens. Exp (formerly X-nth and under GreenTime LLC) has also recently completed the Steinbrenner Band Building at the University of Florida with Zeidler Partnership Inc.

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EllisDon is an employee-owned company delivering construction expertise and services to clients around the world. Completing in excess of $2.7 billion in new construction annually, EllisDon employs approximately 1,400 people and has a presence in North America, as well as offices in the United Arab Emirates.

Incorporated in 1951, EllisDon has distinguished itself through its people and its innovative practices. The company offers construction and project management services, as well as a growing range of construction consulting services, including ICT, Building Information Modelling, Sustainable Building, and Facilities Management.



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Design Partner – Tarek El-Khatib

Arthur J Arseneau Architect – Martin Patriquin

BMR Structural Engineering – Scott Underhill

Crandall Engineering Ltd.- Gary Hoadley

AEC Engineering Inc. - Michael LeBlanc

gh3 Inc. – Diana Gerrard

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PJ Materials Consultants - Paul Jeffs

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