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  Seaching for an "Allisonian"?

University Archives
Federated Alumni 
Student Administrative Services 

Each year the Archives, the Alumni office, and Student Administrative Services receive numerous inquiries from individuals seeking information on relatives and friends who were "Allisonians". During its history, Mount Allison has had several separate institutions operating under its "umbrella" - the Wesleyan Male and Female Academies, Ladies' College, Commercial College, School for Girls, and the College or University. Also, a variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs have been offered between 1843 and the present.  

Therefore, since its founding in 1839, Mount Allison has been home to thousands of students and staff. The existing documentation related to each Allisonian varies from person to person and may be dispersed among many different offices on campus. To date there is no comprehensive surname index for all individuals who attended Mount Allison.  Therefore, finding an individual in response to an inquiry may require a lengthy search. Details such as complete name, dates and program, if known, are essential.  Since indexes are not available to all sources and staff time is extremely limited, only a brief search can be carried out for you.  Individuals must carry out their own research. The following University offices can be contacted: 

University Archives 

The Archives acquires the inactive published and unpublished records of the University.  Records come in all formats, and over 2,000 feet of textual records, photographs, films, video tapes, audio tapes, artifacts, etc. are held.  Calendars and catalogues, convocation programs, student newspapers, and yearbooks are all sources of information on Allisonians. Biography files are maintained for selected individuals.  Some alumni have placed private papers with the Archives.  Hours of access and reference service are limited and vary with the academic term.  It is advisable to telephone in advance for an appointment: (506) 364-2563 - Archives; (506) 364-2564 - Library Information Desk. 

Federated Alumni 

The Alumni Office creates and maintains files on Allisonians,  generally based on contact maintained by the individual with the Mount Allison Federated Alumni.  Access to these files is restricted to staff; however, information may be provided. Request for information from these files should be directed to the Alumni Office, External Relations, (506) 364-2348. 

Student Administratiave Services   

Student records are maintained by the Office of Student Administrative Services and the Registrar.  Access to these files is restricted; these records are private and confidential.  Marks and grades are normally only released to the mark/grade recipient, following a written request from same.  Application for any information from these records must be directed to the Registrar, Student Administrative Services, (506) 364-2275. 

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