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  Use Regulations

Coats, briefcases, and bags must be left in the locker provided by the Archives; only those materials needed for research may be taken into the Research Room. 

Smoking, eating or drinking is not permitted in the Research Room. 

All researchers must complete a registration sheet on an annual basis. 

A call slip must be filled out in full for each item requested. Permission to use materials does not constitute permission to publish; the latter entails a separate procedure. See Compulsory Credit

Only a limited amount of material may be used at one time. 

All materials must be returned to the Reference Desk at the end of the day. If certain items are to be used again within one week, please notify the Archives staff. 

All photo reproduction and photocopying requests should be directed to the Archivist. 

The use of pens is prohibited; only pencils may be used. 

All material must be handled with care. Some materials may be fragile and researchers are requested to handle them with extra care. 

Photographic prints and negatives require special handling. Cotton gloves will be provided to researchers. 

The existing order of material must not be altered under any circumstances; papers must be kept neatly stacked within folders. 

No marks are to be added to or removed from any item. 

Notebooks or paper used for taking notes must never be placed on top of archival materials. 

The use of personal computers is allowed. Archivist's permission is required for the use of tape-recorders, cameras, and other reprographic devices. 


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July 16, 2004