Contemporary Canadian Government & Politics:
A Practical Research Guide

This online guide was created for researchers interested in contemporary Canadian government and politics. It provides annotated links to some of the most useful printed and online sources in the field, with research tips and strategies for finding more information.
Detailed Table of Contents
1. Time Out: Starting a Research Project
2. Clarification and Direction: Finding the Facts
3. Looking for a "Jewel": The Role of Bibliographies in the Research Process
4. Finding and Evaluating Substantive Information
5. Using Primary Source Material
6. Special Topics
7. Citing Sources Used
8. Ask Your Librarian!

By Anita Cannon, Librarian at R. P. Bell Library, Mount Allison University with the generous support of the Crabtree Foundation and the Mount Allison Centre for Canadian Studies. Thanks to Contributors Emma Cross and Myrna Allen and Wei-Hsin Lee, the Web Designer for this project.
Last Updated: January 2008