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You may renew books up to three times by phone by calling 364-2568. You can also renew books online by clicking on "My Account" in the Library Catalogue.

Library Chat

You may ask a question and chat with a librarian at the Research Help Desk whenever the Research Help Desk is open.

Service hours are posted on the Library Hours page.


Services and Facilities


Library Directory
Floor Plans

See also: Library Services for Students and Library Services for Faculty Members

For information about our collections, please see the Library Collections page.


Access Services
Circulation, Course Reserves & Interlibrary Loans

Reference and Research Help
Help getting started, subject-specific research assistance, in-depth consultations

Information Literacy Instruction
Introductory workshops & in-class sessions

Access Services

Access Services include Circulation, Course Reserves and Interlibrary Loans

The Main Library Access Services Desk is located on the main floor (entrance level). 
There is also an Access Services desk (circulation and course reserves) at the Music Library. 


Your Mount Allison University ID card is also your Library Card.

Students and faculty members may borrow up to 50 items at any one time.

The loan period for students is two weeks; faculty members may borrow books for 30 days. Loan periods for certain other materials may differ.  Audio-visual materials, for example, may be borrowed for two weeks (faculty members and students). 

For more details, please see:

Students attending Tantramar Regional High School, Mount Allison Alumni, students of other universities and colleges, and community adults are also eligible for a Library borrower's card. 

For more details, please see:

Course Reserves

Professors and instructors place materials such as books and articles on Course Reserve to help ensure that many students (sometimes an entire class) may access and read the same materials within a short period of time.

To enable this, the loan periods of Course Reserve items are much shorter than the loan period for regular library books.

To find items on course reserve, use the Course Reserves search page in the Library Catalogue. You may search by course name, course number or instructor name.

Items placed on course reserve can be obtained at the Access Services Desk and borrowed for short periods of time.

Interlibrary Loans

Requesting materials from other libraries:

You may use the library's interlibrary loan service to request items not available at the Mount Allison Libraries.

You do not need to find out which library has the item you are requesting. 

Once you have checked and determined that the item is not available at our library, simply place your request by completing the Interlibrary Loans Web form.

For more information, please see the Interlibrary Loans page and the ILL Policy.

The Inter-Library Loans Department is located at Access Services in the Main Library.

Borrowing materials from other libraries in person:

You may also borrow materials from other libraries by obtaining a CAUL (Council of Atlantic University Libraries) Card.

CAUL Borrowing cards permit Mount Allison University students, faculty and staff to borrow library material IN PERSON from any CAUL/CDBUA library in the Atlantic Provinces as well as from University libraries across Canada that participate in the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement.

  • Please note: To use this service, CAUL cards must first be obtained at the individual's home institution BEFORE visiting and attempting to borrow material from another participating library.

Mount Allison students (including distant education students), faculty and staff who are in good standing with the library may obtain a CAUL card by visiting the Access Services Desk of the R.P Bell Library. 

All CAUL cards are issued with an April 30th expiry date. Students working on summer research projects may be eligible for a card during the summer.

Please note that the card holder is subject to the rules and regulations of the library from which they borrow the library materials, including rules regarding the types of material which can be borrowed and fines.  It is the responsibility of the borrower to find out about the rules and regulations at the lending library. 

Library materials borrowed using an CAUL card may be returned at the Mount Allison Libraries. 

List of Participating CAUL Libraries:

List of libraries participating in the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA)

For more information about borrowing services, please contact:

Access Services |

Reference & Research Help

Librarians are available to assist you at the Research Help Desk of the R.P. Bell Library and at the Music Library.

Librarians can help you get started with your research, help you find the information you need, and teach you how to use information resources available in the library and online. 

Research Help hours are posted on the Library Hours page.

You may also make an appointment with a Subject Librarian for more in-depth research assistance. If you are unable to come to the library, you may contact a librarian by phone at the Main Library at 506-364-2564 and at the Music Library at 506-364-2214.

You may also ask your question by e-mail by sending a message to You will receive a reply on the same day or the next day that the Research Help Desk is open.  Response time may be slightly longer during the summer. 

During the fall and winter terms, you may also contact and chat with a librarian online using the Library’s Chat Reference service.

Honours students are encouraged to meet with a librarian individually to discuss their research.

If possible, please make an appointment with a librarian at least one week prior to the desired meeting time.

Information Literacy Instruction

In addition to providing one-on-one assistance and instruction at the Research Help Desk, librarians also teach group and in-class information literacy sessions.

Librarians offer Library Research Workshops designed to help students learn about the information discovery tools available to them at the Mount Allison Libraries.

These introductory workshops, generally offered early in the Fall term, aim to give students the basic knowledge they will need to find, use and evaluate scholarly information in support of their academic work.

Librarians also teach discipline-specific classes tailored to the needs of a particular course or class project.  These sessions, available for all classes offered at the University, aim to provide students with more advanced understanding of the information sources and research strategies associated with a particular discipline or field of study. 

For more information or to schedule a session for your class, please see the Information Literacy page or contact your Subject Librarian.



Quiet Study Space
Group Study Rooms
Coffee Shop
Computer Workstations & Wireless Network Access
Library Instruction and Computer Lab
Printers, Photocopiers & Scanners
Assistive Technology and Software Text Enhancement Software and Equipment
A-V Equipment
Student Book Lockers
Library Theatre

Quiet Study Space

Designated quiet study space areas are located on the second and third floors and basement level of the R. P. Bell Library. 

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are available on the second and ground floors of the R.P. Bell Library.  Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis – no advance bookings are required. 

  • Ground floor group study rooms: Room G7 and Room G11
  • Second floor group study room: Room 206
  • Room M12 (Main floor) is also available as a group study room Monday to Friday after 4:30 pm and on week-ends when not in use by the Writing Resource Centre (Fall and Winter terms only). 

Coffee Shop

The coffee shop (to the right as you enter the Main Library) includes seating for individuals and groups as well as workstations, a scanner, photocopiers and printers. It's also a good place to have a snack, take a break and engage in lively discussion!

Computer Workstations and Wireless Network Access

There are over 40 PC computer workstations available in the R.P. Bell Library.  Most workstations are located on the Main and Ground floors and in the instruction lab on the third floor.

In addition, there are 9 Mac workstation available in the "Mac Lab" on the second floor.

There are several workstations available in the Music Library, including one Mac. 

A Mount Allison University user name and password is required to log on to most workstations in the library.  Visitors may obtain a guest account (valid for one day only) at the Access Services Desk.

Wireless network access is available in the Library to Mount Allison students, faculty and staff.

Please see the Computing Services Department Connecting to the Mount A Wireless Network page for more details. 


The library has an iPad available for students, staff and faculty members to borrow.

Please consult the Borrow and iPad page for details.

Library Instruction and Computer Lab

The Library Instruction lab is located on the third floor and is used by Librarians for Library Instruction classes.  Students may use the lab when it is not being used for classes. 

A schedule listing times when the room is available for student use is posted outside the lab on the third floor as well as on the bulletin board next to the Access Services Desk.  No bookings.  

Printers, Photocopiers & Scanners

Main Library:

Printers and photocopiers are located on the Main floor of the Library in the coffee shop area.  Two of the photocopiers also serve as network printers. 

Printers and photocopiers use “Mountie Money” payable with University ID cards ($0.12 per page).  You may add money to your Mount Allison ID card using the machine on the Main floor, just outside the coffee shop.  Visitors may pay for printing and photocopying at the Access Services desk. 

You may send documents to print to the library printers from any public workstation in the library.  Print jobs are sent to the “Print Release Station” next to the printers.
To conserve paper, all library printers are configured to print double-sided copies. 

There are three scanners in the library: one in the coffee shop area, one in room M-13 and one in the Mac Lab on the second floor.

New: One of the printers in the coffee shop (the one closest to the Print Release Station) may also be used as a scanner and may be used to email or to save scanned documents to your "M" drive.

Printing from your laptop or mobile device: You can send items to print to library printers using your laptop or mobile device or any computer anywhere (your home computer, for example) by going to  Simply log in and follow the directions on the screen.

Printing/Copying Information on Microform:

Microform readers are available in the Microform room on the ground floor.  Two of the readers are connected to PC workstations to enable printing and scanning. 

Music Library:

There is a printer in the Music Lab.  A photocopier is located near the entrance to the Library.

Copying Service:

Access Services staff will photocopy materials for you as time permits. Additional fees will apply.

Fragile Materials:

To prevent damage, please ask Access Services staff to photocopy all material from the Bell Collection of Acadiana or Rare Book (Davidson) Room. Regular rates apply.

A note about photocopying, copyright and fair dealing:

Please see the University’s Copyright – Fair Dealing Policy and the Mount Allison University Guidelines for Copying (updated April 2011 – revisions pending).

Assistive Technology and Software

Assistive technology and software may be accessed in room M-13 (main floor) in the R.P. Bell Library.


The software listed below is available on a PC workstation equipped with a large flat-screen monitor, a Keys-U-See large print keyboard, and a scanner. 

To use this workstation and software, simply ask for the user name and password at the Access Services Desk. 

Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5
Speech recognition software – turns your voice into text.  A headset with microphone is available at Access Services.  The user’s manual is available in the M13 desk drawer. 

Kurzweil 1000
Kurzweil software speaks text aloud in a variety of voices, and helps you to write and edit documents.  Includes features for note taking, summarizing content, and outlining text.  The user’s manual is available in the M13 desk drawer.

ZoomText 9.1
ZoomText offers screen magnification and an audio screen reader.  ZoomText can be used to enlarge and listen to the contents of Web pages.  The user’s manual is available in the M13 desk drawer.

Presto Page Manager 7
Software designed to facilitate scanning, sharing, and organizing photos and documents.

Readiris Pro 11
OCR/text recognition software that converts paper documents into editable digital files (including .pdf files).

Other Equipment

Digital Flatbed Scanner (attached to the PC workstation described above)
HP scanjet 5590.  The user’s manual is available in the M13 desk drawer.   

ClearView +
ClearView+ is an auto-focus desktop video magnification system which can magnify text and objects with adjustable brightness and contrast controls.  A copy of the ClearView+ User Manual is available in the M13 desk drawer and at the Access Services and Research Help Desks. 

A-V Equipment

Most computer workstations in the Library are equipped with DVD/CD players. 
A multizone DVD player (plays DVDs from anywhere in the world) is available for use in the Library Theatre. To use this player, please ask at the Access Services Desk.

A 50-inch TV monitor is available in the second floor "Mac Lab." An HDMI cable and a mini display port adaptor (for Macs) are available for 5-hour loan at the Access Services desk.

A VHS/player is available in the Microform room on the ground floor. Turntables are available in the Music Library.

Headphones are available for four-hour loan at the Access Services Desk.
A personal slide viewer is also available at the Access Services Desk.

Student Book Lockers

Student book lockers are available on the second and third floors and the basement level of the R.P. Bell Library. 

To obtain a locker, please ask the Library Secretary in the Main Office.  A $3.00 deposit is required; $2.00 will be returned to you when you return the key at the end of the academic year.

Please do not place library materials in lockers unless they have been signed out to you at the Access Services Desk.

Theatre (3rd floor)

A 60-seat theatre equipped with data projector, television, and multi-zone DVD player is available for showing in-class films or for other multimedia presentations. 

The theatre may be booked by MtA faculty and staff. Please see the University's Booking page for more details.


Library Directory (Where Do I Find...)

The Library Directory provides a list of what is located on each floor of the Library.

You can use the Library Directory to find out on what floor an item is located (for example, books with call numbers beginning with H are on the second floor).

You can also use it to locate group study spaces, library offices, and the locations of the various library services and facilities.

Floor Plans

The Floor plans provide a pictorial description of the arrangement of materials in the building.