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Retrieval Number: 8036/1/3
“Prospect Farm” Photograph of oil painting by artist E.M. McLeod of original Trueman family home in Pointe de Bute, New Brunswick. Cornerstone: June 14, 1799; built of brick; dismantled 1917. Painting exhibited as part of Local Architecture, SAA Annual Spring exhibition, May 13-June 2, 1979.
Mount Allison University Archives, Sackville Art Association fonds.
May be reproduced only with permission of Mount Allison University Archives

oil painting of Prospect farm.

Prospect Farm was the home farm for the William Trueman family, prominent Yorkshire settlers who arrived in 1774. Located on the western flank of the Cumberland Ridge, the farm was among the most highly developed with mills and considerable marsh land being part of the operation. This house was among the relatively small number of dwellings constructed of brick, which was fired near the property, and it followed the architecture form being used by prosperous farmers, and merchants in the part of Yorkshire from which the family had come. As such it documents the attempt to recreate a familiar cultural landscape in the new world by these people. Most of the other brick houses of this generation have disappeared although the Chapman House, which is located a short distance away near Bloody Bridge, remains as a surviving example of this vernacular housing form.


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