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Retrieval Number: 0102/3/p.81
Receipt to William Trueman for a grant of Tantramar marshland, September 25, 1819.
Mount Allison University Archives, Trueman family fonds.
May be reproduced only with permission of Mount Allison University Archives.

receipt to William Trueman for a grant of Tantramar marshland.

Families like the Truemans evidently continued to acquire parcels of marsh land long after they became well established. This document acknowledges purchase of such a parcel for the sum of £15 by William Trueman Jr. Since it is signed by an officer of the Surveyor General’s Department, it would seem to be a parcel of land owned by the Crown. When William died in 1826, the inventory of his property indicated that he held 493 acres of land scattered over nine parcels of marsh, upland, home farm lands, some of which was jointly owned presumably with other siblings. The parcel acquired in this purchase was probably the “4 acre parcel enclosed by the new aboideau” which in 1826 was valued at £20. At his death William Trueman’s lands alone were valued at £1894, which together with his other assets produced an estate value at £2794.

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