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Retrieval Number: 9937
Pointe de Bute Grange No. 772, minutes of meetings, 1881-1886.
Mount Allison University Archives, Point de Bute New Brunswick Grange No. 772 fonds.
May be reproduced only with permission of Mount Allison University Archives

The Grange movement was a fraternal organization that developed in the US. Midwest during the 1860s in response to hard economic times, particularly the threat imposed on farmers by high rail freight rates and the punitive policies of eastern banks. In later years it helped spawn a populist political movement. The movement never caught on with any vigor in Canada but since it was an active force in the nearby State of Maine, it seems likely that some New Brunswick and Nova Scotia farmers initiated chapters from that source. By the 1880s organizations such as this had ceased to be primarily political in motivation, rather they served to sustain the morale of rural people at a time when urban and industrial forces were challenging the centrality of farmers in society. This document indicates the Point de Bute Grange was open to both men and women and was primarily a social organization that in addition to the practice of a complex series of rituals not unlike other fraternal and lodge organizations, focused on reading and discussing essays on farming or household science issues.

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