Mount Allison University engages in collective bargaining with four different unions at the University, who represent full and part-time faculty and staff. 

The University is currently engaged in collective bargaining with two of its unions, MAFA full-time and MAFA part-time.  

Regular updates for the University community and other interested parties will be posted on this page as negotiations progress.

Latest news

Oct. 18, 2016  
The conciliation officer who has been working with both parties over the past few weeks has now informed both parties that he is bringing the conciliation process to an end. He will also inform the minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour in writing of his decision. Within 15 days of receiving the conciliator’s report, the minister will decide whether or not to appoint a conciliation board. The minister may also decide to appoint a mediator.  

While this represents a new phase of the bargaining process, it is expected that the parties will resume negotiations once the minister decides on the next steps.

Please refer to the FAQ section for details about the role of a conciliation board and of a mediator.

For more information on the bargaining process to date, visit bargaining updates. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

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