Daniel Barrow, The Cock and the Poodle, 2015

2015 Sackville Art Association Annual Members' Exhibition

8 November – 13 December 2015

The 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Sackville Art Association annual members' exhibition includes work from local artists from both sides of the New Brunswick-Nova Scotia border on the theme of landscapes and seascapes.

The exhibition also includes a Retrospective Exhibit of paintings of well-known former SAA members such as Lawren P. Harris, Alex Colville, Ted Pulford and many more held by the Owens.

Image: Installation shot of the exhibition

Daniel Barrow, The Cock and the Poodle, 2015

Cabinets of Wonder: Art & Science in the Academy and the Community

29 October – 29 November 2015

This exhibition pays homage to the rich interdisciplinary history of Wunderkammerns, which were personal collections of curiosities and rarities housed in cabinets, but which grew to encompass whole rooms and then become what we know as museums. Works featured in the exhibition draw upon the resources of the Owens Art Gallery’s permanent collection; scientific specimens and natural objects from the Mount Allison University Department of Biology; and artifacts from the collection at New Brunswick Museum.

Referencing the density and arrangement of the original Wunderkammerns, this exhibition fills the gallery with a variety of objects to be amazed by.

Image: Lawren P. Harris, Sea Stones, 1956, Oil and sand on canvas

Daniel Barrow, The Cock and the Poodle, 2015

Dark Watercolours: recent work by Daniel Barrow

23 October – 29 November 2015

In the exhibition, Dark Watercolours, Barrow premieres a body of projection installation, drawings and sculptural pieces which expand upon dualistic themes from previous works, but also represent more recent internal debates about drawing and sculpture, artwork and medium, artwork and easel, form and symbol, high and low. Barrow’s new sculptures are microcosms of his studio process. They are multifunctional objects that simultaneously act as easels for drawings, paintbrush holders and basins, as well as figurative sculptures that mine the theatricality of display.

Image: The Cock and the Poodle, 2015 Screen-printed balsa wood planes, edition of 35

Owens Art Gallery

A Virtual Companion to All Things Useful and Artistic: Applied Arts at Mount Allison University 1906-1960

online now

This Virtual Companion accompanies the exhibition All Things Useful and Artistic: Applied Arts at Mount Allison University 1906-1960. Serving as a legacy for the exhibition, this website provides in-depth features on selected objects, behind-the-scenes documentation of the exhibition installation, video footage of conservation treatments, archival photographs and oral histories from graduates of the Applied Arts program.

The Virtual Companion is made possible through funding from the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation.

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