Iain Baxter&, Bagged Day-Glo Oranges, 1967, mixed media on paper

From Away

18 July - 4 September

Selected from the Gallery’s collection to coincide with Canada’s sesquicentennial,
this exhibition highlights work by Canadian artists who were born outside Canada.

Birthplaces of the artists represented in the exhibition include the following: Poland, England, U.S.A., Czech Republic, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Belgium, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Northern Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Netherlands and France.

Image: Iain Baxter&, Bagged Day-Glo Oranges, 1967, mixed media on paper

Henri Masson, Double Sonata

Of Note

2 June - 8 October

This exhibition of artworks from the collection of the Owens Art Gallery has been organized in recognition of recent milestones in the Department of Music at Mount Allison University.

From the beginning, Mount Allison established a reputation for excellence in the study of music.  Music was part of the curriculum for every student enrolled in the ‘Female Branch’ of the Mount Allison Wesleyan Academy (later the Mount Allison Ladies’ College), opened in 1854.  The first music conservatory opened on campus in 1891, replaced by the ‘new’ Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory of Music in 1966-- for which 50th anniversary celebrations were held last year.  Several recent events marked the important 100th anniversary of the first Bachelor of Music degree awarded at Mount Allison to Mary Elsinore “Elsie” Tait in 1917.

Image: Henri Masson, Double Sonata, oil on canvas

Graduate Self Portraits

Herménégilde Chiasson's diploma work

Bachelor of Fine Arts Diploma work

12 May - 8 October

From the 1940s until the mid 1960s, Mount Allison University students in Fine Arts were required to paint a self-portrait in their 4th year, and to submit it as their ‟Diploma Piece” in order to receive the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. The portraits were to be executed in oil, on canvas or board, measuring 40” x 30”, and were to be life-sized.

The tradition of self-portraits as diploma pieces changed in 1965, when the Gairdner Fine Arts Building was opened. After 1965, diploma pieces included all media, such as the work by Herménégilde Chiasson.

Diploma pieces remained as an important Archive of the Fine Arts Department, and are now permanently housed in the Owens Art Gallery. The collection consists of approximately 50 self-portraits and 100 diploma pieces in other media.

Each year, in celebration of Spring Convocation and Alumni Reunion Weekend, we display diploma work from those alumni years being honoured. This year, we present selections from the Classes of 1972, 1962, 1952, 1947 and 1942.

Top Image: installation of self-portraits

Bottom Image: Herménégilde Chiasson, Untitled, 1972, mixed media on plywood

Salon Hanging

Salon Hanging

12 May - 8 October

The biennial Salon Hanging is a floor to ceiling feast for the eyes. Visitors will see over 100 works of art, many from the Owens original collection first acquired in the 1880s. The collection includes eighteenth and nineteenth century European paintings, many still found in their original gilded frames, and full-scale plaster copies of classical Greek sculptures. Originally this collection was used to teach Mount Allison Fine Arts students through copying these early pieces. The exhibition is designed and installed by the Owens' preparator Roxie Ibbitson.

Image: Installation of the exhibition

Alex Colville, Athletes, 1961, oil and synthetic resin on board

The Colville Gallery

14 May - Ongoing

A permanent exhibition space devoted to the work of Alex Colville (1920-2013), one of Canada's most celebrated artists and one of Mount Allison University's best known graduates. The Gallery features the installation of the mural Athletes, commissioned by Mount Allison for its new Athletic Centre in 1961. Designed around the theme of the student athlete, the mural was the focal point of the new building; it remained there for over 50 years, until its present installation in the stable and secure environment of Owens Art Gallery. Other artworks by Colville are also on view, including many of the preparatory drawings for Athletes and examples of the artist's serigraphs.

Image: Alex Colville, Athletes, 1961, oil and synthetic resin on board

Owens Art Gallery

A Virtual Companion to All Things Useful and Artistic: Applied Arts at Mount Allison University 1906-1960

online now

This Virtual Companion accompanies the exhibition All Things Useful and Artistic: Applied Arts at Mount Allison University 1906-1960. Serving as a legacy for the exhibition, this website provides in-depth features on selected objects, behind-the-scenes documentation of the exhibition installation, video footage of conservation treatments, archival photographs and oral histories from graduates of the Applied Arts program.

The Virtual Companion is made possible through funding from the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation.

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