Make Something Sunday

Make Something Sunday participant showing his button

Make Something Sunday participant showing buttons

Make Something Sunday

Workshops for Families Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sackville

Make Something Sundays introduce new materials and ways of working through informal hands-on workshops for kids 12 and under and their families. Drop-in for half an hour or stay for two. Relax, recharge, create and explore. This program is offered free of charge.

17 September
Make your own drawing machines with nothing more than cardboard, markers and wind-up toys. You’ll be amazed at the lines and loops, dots and dashes, zigzags and squiggles that your draw-bots will make.

15 October
Felt Flower Fabrications
Choose from a rainbow of brightly coloured felt and other fabric pieces to create your own flower fabrications. Secure your flower with a button and a few simple stitches.

12 November
Map Book
Draw a real or imagined place and fold your map into its own cover, complete with special closure.

10 December
Leather Tooling
With a wooden mallet and steel stamps, learn to hammer out designs on leather to create your own small keepsakes.


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