Cognitive science program

The cognitive science program at Mount Allison is one-of-a-kind in Atlantic Canada. It involves the interdisciplinary study of the mind and seeks to further understand what the mind does and how it works.

Cognitive science investigates how information is represented, processed, and transformed in both humans and machines.

Program overview

Faculty: Faculty of Science
Degree options: BSc major

The study of cognitive science at Mount Allison involves incorporating perspectives from a variety of fields.

Topics covered in cognitive science include:

  • memory and knowledge structures
  • consciousness
  • the use of language

In first year you will take introductory psychology, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, and physics courses.

In second year you will pursue courses in psychology, computer science, and philosophy such as:

  • cognitive processes
  • biopsychology
  • systems programming
  • philosophy of science

In third and fourth year you will add courses in linguistics, while pursuing courses such as:

  • sensation and perception
  • behavioural neuroscience
  • philosophy of mind
  • artificial intelligence
  • medical physics

Specific courses in psychology, computer science, physics, philosophy, and chemistry form the core of the program, and you select the remainder to focus on your particular interests.

You will also be encouraged to pursue independent summer research projects, directed studies projects, or to contribute to faculty research projects as a research assistant.

Find a list of cognitive science courses in the academic calendar - cognitive science.

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