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Become a VIP member!

Do you like free stuff? Want your own private parties? Hate paying cover for pub events? Then become a VIP member at the Pond today. For $50, you will get:
- 1 year of VIP membership privileges!
- No cover for Pond events (You still pay for MASU, club and society events at the Pond)!
- Special door entry for super stud events!
- 1 free drink per month (Sept - April)!
- 1 free food item during exams (2 total)!
- Automatic entry into every contest!
- 1 member only party each term with awesome drink specials!
- Random deals through out the school year!
- First in line to get a membership for next year!

To become a member, email thepond@mta.ca to reserve your spot or visit the Pond office (located in the pub) Mon - Fri from 9am until 4pm. We can only sell 200 memberships so come early to get your spot. You must be 19 years old or over so bring your student ID and a government ID, fill out the form and become a member.

Sept 20th - Homecoming

It's the season of football and the biggest game during regular season is Homecoming with a kick ass after party in the Pond and Gracie's. Come out for a day of football and a night of dancing and fun with all your friends. This is a wet/dry event so all are welcome.