The study of religion deals with the deepest and most basic questions of human existence: the meaning and purpose of life, relations with a divine presence and power, interpersonal relations and ultimate human destiny.


 Are you interested in Religious Studies?Moncton Catholic cathedral
-Do you want to uncover the origins and history of religious traditions?
-Are you interested in the lived issues and contemporary concerns of today’s religions?
-Would you like to examine all the major world faiths?

The study of religion has a valid and vital place in a liberal arts program and is not confined to those preparing for theological studies.

Mount Allison’s Religious Studies program takes an historical and critical approach, utilizing the insights and advances of modern scholarship. Our program does not advocate one faith rather than another, and neither does it proselytize on behalf of one denomination.


  Buddhism at Marshview
Dr. Clayton’s Buddhism students met with Marshview Middle School students to teach them about mindfulness.
This event was funded through a Mount Allison University Student Affairs Service Learning Grant.



Thank you to the GEBIS Buddhist monastery on Prince Edward Island!
In March 2017, Religious Studies students visited the monks for a day and learned about life at the monastery.

 GEBIS Group Photo

Associate Professor Dr. Susie Andrews teaches East Asian religions. Read more in the Fall 2016 issue of the Record.


Dr. S. Andrews, The Record, Fall 2016 Issue


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The colourful banner at the top of the page is a photograph of a child’s quilt made by a Religious Studies faculty member. The theme is “Garden”. The quilt evokes rich concepts of the environment and paradise. The design contrasts the popular, modern postage stamp pattern with ancient medieval motifs.