Welcome Music Alumni!

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This year, we are having a Music Reunion in honour of the:

  • 100th anniversary of our first Bachelor of Music
  • 50th anniversary of the M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music

Music grads and anyone who participated in the Garnet & Gold Musical Theatre Society, choirs, or bands are invited to attend special receptions, join the Alumni Choir, and celebrate the history of Music at Mount Allison.

Attendees - Reunion 2017

These are the classmates who have already registered:

Adams, Lydia '75
Andersson, Jan '79
Archer, Stephanie '92
Banks (Perry), Jane '67
Bartlett (Fitch), Catherine '79
Bell, Cheryl '83
Belyea, Spencer '73
Bibby (Warwick), Mary Ann '67
Blanchard (Anderson), Wendy '79/'80 
Blandford, Bruce '79
Bowman (Steeves), Pam '68
Braedley (Hill), Marie '74
Braid, Kate '67
Breen (Ross), Melanie '92
Brennan, Frank '79
Britt (Bishop), Heather '76
Butler, Mike '89 
Cameron (Rodenhiser), Susan '67 
Carlisle-Irving, Joan '57
Chaddock (Steeves), Daryl '62 & William Chaddock
Chandler, Debra '79 
Chase (Sollows), Christine '77 & Gary Chase '73
Clarke, Lance '83 & '87
Clemens, James '89 
Coates (Knee), Judy '67
Code, Jim & Bindy Code
Coffin (Eldridge), Lynda-Jean '70 & Lloyd Coffin '72 
Cook (Hendrickson), Helen '67
Cooke (Oates), Louise '71
Costin, Bill '74
Crowley, Sheryl '89
Dawson, Terence '81
Dickie (Martin), Pat '80 
Dionne, Anne Katherine '88
Doane (Wallace), Nancy '57 
Duffy, Madeline '18
Dyer (Vanzoost), Sandra '67 & Philip Dyer '67
Ernst (Finney), Evelyn '90
Farmer, James '70 
Farnon, John '67 & Elizabeth Farnon
Fedyck (Morgan), Heather '86
Francis (Baxendale), Paula '75
Gallant, Johanne '77 
Gay-Folland (Foster), Elizabeth '57 & Melody Gay '80
Gerdts (Clarke), Rosemary '57 
Goldenberg, Johanna '89
Gorman (White), Laurie '76
Grenke, Shawn '00
Grieves (Mason), Clare '77
Hammock, Dr. Janet
Hay-Hicks, Vivien '81
Hazell (Oades), Susan '77
Henderson (Howard) Sylvia '84 & Andrew Henderson '85 
Heney (Dulude), Margaret '02 
Hennen, Nancy '89 
Hicks (Karry), Carol '82
Hill (Snow), Vivian '66 & Donald Hill '66
Horsnell, Margaret '62
Hunter, Jennifer '91
Jensen (Knowlton), Brenda '77 & Arne Jensen
Johnson, Lynn  
Jordan (Cunningham), Audrey '67 & Robert Jordan '69 
Kearley (Chafe), Ina '77
Keefe (Bent), Janette '77
Keirstead (Ball), Carolyn '86 
Kirkland (Brooks), Anita '79
Kirkpatrick, Monty '79
Koroscil, Justine '13
Lane (Vivian), Beverley '74
Leiter, Virginia
LePage, Anne '01
LePage, Christopher '73  
Lindsay-Botten, John '93
Logan, Emily '11
MacAdam, Amy '02
MacAulay, Richard '87
MacDonald (Mansfield), Margaret '82
MacDonald, Martha '82 
MacKay, Gary '77 & Mary-Alice Spurr-MacKay
MacMullin, Maureen '87
Mark, Amanda '90
Mark (Burridge), Penelope '60 & James Mark
Martin (Tucker), Karyn '78 
McKeown, Katie '07
Miller, Gary '70
Miller, Jacqueline '17
Morse, Kevin '02 
Moyse, Cyril '67 & Sharon (Smith) Moyse '67
Murphy, Ian '98 & Stephanie Gionet
Noble, Willis
O'Brien, Janet '13
Olscamp (Vienneau), Karen '71/'72 & Mike Olscamp
Peach (Ward), Rosanne '67 & John Peach 
Peters, Barry '81
Poole (Stevens), Leslie '89
Porter, Brenda '66 
Pos, David '77
Publicover, Jennifer '90
Reid, Morgan '18
Richard, Danielle '17 
Rigden (Phillips), June '74, '75 & Stephen Rigden '74
Riley, Michelle '17
Ritchie (Armstrong), Martha '72
Rogers, Wayne '71
Ross (Prichard), Heather '84
Ryan-Wiggin, Jocelyn '80 
Schachter, Erin '02 
Scott, Cathy '86
Simon, Dr. Karem J '78 & Ruth (Perkyns) Simon '80
Simpson, Douglas '72
Smith, Alberta '62
Smith, Bruce '57 & Carolyn Smith
Smith, Cheryl '84
Steeves, Dan '81 & Lisa (Hopper) Steeves '84
Sterns, Kevin '67 & Charles Skowron
St. Pierre, Erik '88 & Catherine (McArdle) St. Pierre '89/'90
Threndyle, Maryan '78
Trafford (Hughson), Brenda '57
Tucker, Gary '77 & Nancy (Rice) Tucker '76
Varner, Anne '88
Vaughan, Robin '90
Vogan, Nancy '67
Vogan, Wayne '72
Willis (MacMullin), Carolyn '93 
Wright, Robert '67
Wright (Sproull), Sonja '92
Young, Laurel '90

Reunion 2017

Mount Allison Reunion 2017

Music Reunion All-Inclusive Package


  • Two nights accommodations at Thornton House
  • Friday night East Coast Welcome Back Dinner, with your choice of ham or lobster
  • East Coast Kitchen Party with the Barra MacNeils (Friday evening)
  • Saturday breakfast and lunch
  • Alumni Banquet and Dessert Reception (Saturday evening)
  • Garnet & Gold Gala (Saturday evening)
  • Sunday breakfast
  • COST: $245 (with lobster dinner)/ $225 (with ham dinner)

» The Music All-Inclusive package is now SOLD OUT
» You can still register for meals, events, and accommodations using Registration Option 2: Customize your weekend


Music Reunion Schedule – you can also see the full Reunion Weekend schedule


Beyond the Conserv! Young Alumni Symposium
Time: 1:30-2 p.m.
Location: M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music – Choral Room
Mount Allison Music graduates from the past 10 years are invited to return to the Conserv and share their music-related success with the Mount Allison community. Whether you're furthering your education, starting your career, or keeping up with music on the side, you are welcome to prepare a presentation that showcases where you are now and reflect on your time at Mount Allison. Everyone is invited to attend.

The Space Between: Kevin Morse and Dan Steeves – Meet the Artists
Time: 2-3 p.m. (drop in)
Location:Owens Art Gallery
Visual artist Dan Steeves ('81) and composer Kevin Morse ('02) will be on hand to chat about their new collaborative exhibition, The Space Between

Music Meet & Greet
Time: 3-5 p.m.
Location: M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music
Meet up with familiar faces and check out the message board for greetings from those who can't attend. Visit the Music at Mount Allison historical display in room 100 

Music Reunion 2017 Choir – Rehearsal
Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m. (for those on campus)
Location: M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music – choral room

Music Reunion Welcome Back Reception
Time: 6:30-9 p.m.
Location: M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music


Those not singing in the Music Reunion Alumni Choir are encouraged to visit the Conservatory throughout the day to view the Music at Mount Allison historical display, visit the Music Library, and hang out with friends in old haunts. 

Music Reunion 2017 Choir – Rehearsal
Time: 10-10:50 a.m.
Location: M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music – choral room

The History of Music at Mount Allison: Research Professor Emerita Dr. Nancy Vogan ('67) and University Archivist David Mawhinney
Time: 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Location: Brunton Auditorium

Music Reunion 2017 Photo
Time: 1:45-2 p.m. (please arrive early!)
Location: Brunton Auditorium

Music Reunion 2017 Choir – Rehearsal
Time: 2-3:15 p.m.
Location: M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music – choral room

Market Place/Show 'n' Tell
Time: 4-5 p.m.
Location: M.Y. Bell Conservatory of Music – band room
Do you have a choral score or band arrangement you want to share with your fellow alumni? Have your recorded a CD that you are particularly proud of? Music alumni will have an opportunity to share the results of their creative talents with Reunion attendees.

Alumni Banquet
Time: 7-9 p.m. (Choir members: please arrive at Harper Hall by 6:30 p.m.)
Location: Jennings Hall 


Music Reunion 2017 Choir – Rehearsal
Time: 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Location: University Chapel

Alumni Chapel Service – with performance by Music Reunion Alumni Choir
Time: 11 a.m.-12 p.m. 
Location: University Chapel

Time: 12-1 p.m.
Location: Jennings Dining Hall
Cost: available for purchase 

Convocation Weekend Recital, with appearance by Choir
Time: 2-3 p.m. (Choir members: please arrive by 1 p.m.)
Location: Brunton Auditorium

Questions about Reunion?

Joy Wilbur -
Alumni Services Coordinator
Carolle de Ste Croix -
Alumni Relations Director