In 2015-16, the Mount Allison community engaged in developing a new integrated plan for the University.

The community is invited to reflect on the values and principles that guide this community, our achievements to date, and our aspirations for the future as we define our future goals and how we will achieve them.

Student CentreWe will reflect on questions like:

  • What are our aspirations for the future?
  • Are there areas that need our attention?
  • Are any things unfinished from the 2007-2016 planning process?
  • Are these still important to us?
  • Are there things that we should start doing?
  • Are there things that we should stop doing?
  • Are there things we should do differently?
  • What do we want to be and do?
  • How will we get there?

Throughout this process the wider community will be called upon to share their ideas and thoughts with the committees and working groups who are leading the planning process.

What do you want Mount Allison to be?  

Everyone with a stake in Mount Allison's future is encouraged to participate. Watch for opportunities to take part in town halls, meetings, and information sessions; keep up to date with regular communiqués and by visiting this website; and provide feedback to the working groups through forums, online surveys, and e-mail.  

Questions and comments can be sent to