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The University is currently looking into an audit of the web site to ensure we are meeting the needs of our users. The Web Committee may change as a result of this audit. Updates will be posted as available. For this reason, the content on the following pages may be out-dated. If you have any questions, please contact Jill at webmaster@mta.ca.


“ The role of the committee would be to advise the implementors and help them
create a website worthy of our reputation. There is a lot of different expertise on
the committee and all are encouraged to contribute. The committee should act as
both the voice and ear of the university community at large. ”

Web Committee Members Development Phase*
MTA Standard Web Colors
Faculty & Staff Web Survey
MTA Standard Web Fonts
Student Web Survey
Committee Minutes
Sample Designs (submitted by the committee)
MTA Web Site Updates
MTA Homepage Archives
MTA Web Policy
*Please Note
The information in the development phase is for reference only, the decisions have been made and implemented.

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