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The Wellness Centre is located on the ground floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre

62 York Street
Sackville NB
E4L 1E2

The Wellness Centre strives to offer a holistic service approach to the Mount Allison University student community through on-campus offerings (media, workshops, individual appointments, and special events) that take place in the Wellness Centre in addition to, in collaboration with, student group supervision and coordination to promote a sense of balance and well-being.

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In the Wellness Centre you will find the following services:

Anti-harassment Services Counselling Services Disabilty Services Health Services
SHARE logo.Counselling logo. Click here to access the Disability Services website. Health Services logo.
Please check out Student Health 101, an interactive online health and wellness magazine just for students. Each issue offers tips on health and wellness, including eating well and staying active, balancing finances, dealing with roommate issues, and managing stress and academics. Student Health 101 has it all and more.

Click here for the Health 101 Student Magazine.

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