COMP 3711: IBM 650

Fall, 2003/2004
Art Miller
Dunn 221

The IBM 650 interpreter project (individual) involve the creation of a virtual IBM 650 and its 10 digit signed decimal pseudocode programming language, together with a symbolic assembler language. The IBM 650 interpreter will constitute 20% of your course grade.

The interpreter as well as written documentation is due the last day of clasess, Tuesday, December 2, 2003.

The interpreter (pseudocode as well as assembler) must follow the conventions as defined in the IBM650 specifications document. You may use any naming convention  (preferred name is ibm650.*) but all names should conform to standard conventions. The IBM650 "bytecode" files should be given the extension .650, and the IBM650 "assembler" files should be given extension .IBM. Any options should be made available via compiler switches, and use of such switches should be clearly documented. The program should be capable of running on a Windows platform.

There are two instantiations of the IBM650 (implemented  by previous CS3711 students) available.

Documentation should be in printed form and as well in computer readable (HTML) form.