Join our initiative and help new Mount A graduates transition from student to alumni.  By becoming an alumni connector, you are not only opening doors for our recent graduates to expand their networks, but you are also welcoming new grads to our alumni community!   

Alumni Connectors are young alumni under the age of 35 or alumni that have graduated within the past 15 years. Connectors have already made the next step toward their careers and are willing to share their experiences and networks with recent graduates. Connectors are also active in their community and are knowledgeable of resources in their city, town or community.



Alumni Connector's Role 

  • Respond to recent graduates who connect with you through LinkedIn.  
  • Find time to meet with a recent graduate over coffee or over the phone. 
  • Listen, ask questions, and share knowledge of your city/ town, alumni activities in your area, career insights etc., 
  • Provide opportunities for recent Mount Allison graduates to expand their personal and professional networks. 
  • Willing to share your LinkedIn profile on our Alumni Connector Map.
  • It is up to the recent graduate to initiate the connection, follow-up and to develop their networks. 


 Ready to help a recent Mount A grad build their networks?   Become a Connector!