Reunion 2012

Class of 1952 Reunion 2012

Ross Langley, Truman Layton, Grace Anne ‘Dib’ (Dibblee) Watson, Bill Watson

Reunion 2007

Class of 1952 Reunion 2007

Front Row: Kay Sherman, Truman Layton, Pauline Spatz, Dib Watson

Back Row: Bruce Roberts, Robert L. Benn, Nate Rubin, Joe Duffy, Bill Watson

Class officers

Secretary-Treasurer -
Willaim Watson

Class yell

Red and White, Red and White,
We’re the class of fame and fight,
We’re the class that’s seen the light,
We’re the class that’s in the right.
We’re the class that will pull through,
We’re the class of ‘52

Class of 1952 Bursary

The Class of 1952 created a bursary project to assist students with financial need. The bursary was first awarded in 2002-03. Members of the class are encouraged to continue to support the fund in order to help as many students as possible.

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