Reunion 2019


Classmates who have registered:

Alice (McFarlane) Adams
Mabel Bannerman
Donald Brown
Joan (Phinney) Buckinger
Alexander ('54) & Shirley Champoux
Ron & Daphne (Butler) Irving
Doug "Stretch" & June (Bowman) MacEachern ('55)
Suzanne (Somerville) MacLean ('52)
Dorothy MacLeod
Doris (Smith) Martin
Margaret McCain
Robert Mills ('54) & Helga Mills
Robert & Margaret (Fenwick) Nelson
Ella (Brookins) Roberts 
Peter & Helen (Rogers) MacRae


You're Invited!  Reunion Weekend - May 10-12


January 2019

2019 WOW! Hard to believe that 65 years have gone by since we were classmates at Mount A. So many memories! And so we look forward to May 10-12 and our 65th Reunion.


Bob, Ella, Doug "Stretch," have been planning our time together with the assistance and guidance of Eric Donovan, staff member responsible for reunions at our Alma Mater.


Our weekend will start with a reception on Friday afternoon at the home of Marilyn Trenholm Counsel, 42 York Street, Sackville. Marilyn is a gracious hostess and  provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet.  Saturday noon sees our class with guests, hosted over lunch by class mate, Margie (Norrie) McCain. Around these events we have booked the first floor of Campbell House. Wonder why the first floor ... could it have to do it with aging? Alumni Banquet for our class on Saturday will find us sharing in the banquet in Jennings Hall followed by having our dessert and more conversation in the mezzanine (Jennings Hall). Other events  are to be found in the brochure from Mount A.


Week end package, i.e. all inclusive, excluding Saturday noon, room and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday a.m., Welcome back dinner of Friday and Banquet on Saturday evening. Dessert on mezzanine.) Includes registration fee, GST. $280.55


As above without lobster --instead ham or vegetarian. Total coast includes registration, GST $256.15

Why dessert in the mezzanine? The Purdy Crawford Centre is a magnificent building and we encourage you to visit the same during our weekend, however, we feel that time together is more important than dessert in the Crawford Building which really doesn't allow for folk with mobility issues etc., coming at the end of a long day etc. You'll understand as we gather!

University Advancement, during our class meeting on Saturday a.m. will provide an update on the class of 1954 bursary.

Again, this year Stretch will prepare an In Memoriam presentation. Always a moving time, and held during our class meeting which takes place on Saturday at 10: 00. It is a time for memory. Copies of the presentation will be made in 2 different ways: 1) if you have a memory stick, (USB Memory stick), please bring  the same with  you and a copy will be made on site; 2) if you would like a DVD , again a few copies will be available following the presentation. Please feel free to send names of class mates who have died since our time at Mount A directly to or telephone any member of the committee with the information. We work, from what we trust, is a very current listing from the Alumni office but do want to cover all bases.

Please contact the University to book rooms, meals etc by going to the web site or writing or contacting Mona Estabrooks at 506-364-2608; 1-866-890-6318 or Eric at 506-939-6103. We are confident that Eric and those who work with him will do an outstanding job in making our time together "worry free". Keep in mind that your spouse/partner/significant other is eligible to take part in our time together.

So again, place the dates in your day timer, on your calendar --wherever, as we continue to look toward a period of seeing one another and sharing memories . As we said on the occasion of our 60th, we can't promise lots of "sleep" but we can promise a great, great time.


Blue and Silver, Silver and Blue  

What's the best class through an through?  

........ We're the class of '54  



Looking forward to seeing you in May,


Robert (Bob) Nelson

Ella Roberts Tel 902-457-7290;

Doug "Stretch" MacEachern Tel 506 - 853 -1183; (main contact with Alumni Office)


Reunion Registration


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Reunion 2014

Class of 1954 Reunion 2014

First row: Blenis Nicholson, Isabel Steeves, Ella Roberts, Daphne Irving, Alice Adams, Marilyn Trenholme Counsell

Second row: Doug MacEachern, Doris (Smith) Martin, Margaret (Fenwick) Nelson, Dorothy (Baxter) MacLeod, Alex Champoux, Margaret McCain, Elizabeth (Foster) Corkum, Mary (MacLennan) Lawley

Third row: Bob Nelson, Bette (Kolding) Colpitts, Barb (Welton) Rowley, Bob Mills, Phyllis (MacGowan) Currie, Ron Irving

Class crest

Class of 1954 crest


Reunion 2009

Class of 1954 Reunion 2009

First Row: Bob Nelson, Alex Champoux, Tom Trafford, Ella Roberts (Brookins), Keillor Coleman, Bill Langstroth, Doug MacEachern

Second Row: Ron Irving, Dorothy MacLeod (Baxter), Doris (Smith) Martin, Mary (MacLennan) Lawley, Barbara (Welton) Rowley, Phyllis (MacGowan) Currie, Daphne (Butler) Irving, Mary (Gass) Shephard

Third Row: Vance MacNichol, Shary Allen, Blenis Nicholson, Lloyd Sutherland, Liz (Foster) Corkum, Alice (McFarlane) Adams, Marg (Fenwick) Nelson, Claire (MacDonald) Nicholson, Mabel (Mundle) Bannerman

Class officers

Vice-President -
Ella (Brookins) Roberts
Valedictorian -
Robert Nelson
Honorary LCO -
Doug (Stretch) MacEachern

Class yell

Blue and Silver, Silver and Blue
What’s the best class through and through?
What’s the best class in the college?
What’s the class that has the knowledge?
What’s the class that has the spirit?
Listen now, you’re going to hear it
Open up and let’s all roar
We’re the class of ‘54

Class of 1954 Bursary

The Class of 1954 has established a bursary to assist students with financial need. Members of the class are encouraged to continue to support the fund in order to help as many students as possible.

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