Reunion 2014

Class of 1955 Reunion 2014

First row: Erna (Bagnall) Leadbeater, Marlene (Johnson) Jackson, Alma (Trevors) Baker, Les Parrott, Baird Judson, Brian Fluhmann

Second row: Carole (Gillis) Spicer, June (Bowman) MacEachern, Jo-Anne Cook, Joan Forshner, Louie Johnston

Third row: Graham Langley, George Parker, Ian Johnstone, David Latimer, Peggy (Macleod) Hawkes

Reunion 2010

Class of 1955 Reunion 2010

First Row: Peggy (MacLeod) Hawkes, David Latimer, Donald MacGowan, Les Parrott, Alma (Trevors) Baker, Ron Dempsey, Marlene (Johnson) Jackson, June (Bowman) MacEachern

Second Row: Bill Naylor, George Parker, Carole (Gillis) Spicer, Erna (Bagnell) Leadbeater, Elizabeth (Rafuse) Frank, Marion Thomson, Floyd Ross, Baird Judson, Anne Dodge, Graham Langley, Joan Forshner

Third Row: Glen Perry Flemming, Warren Hall, Ian Johnstone, Robert J. MacDonald, Nancy Bentley, Clarene (Avard) White, Louie Johnston, Nancy Innes Harries, Brian Fluhmann

Class yell

Class of 1955 crest

Prepared by Joan (Smith) Forshner for Reunion 2010:

We’re the Class of ’55
We’re the Class that stayed alive.
Be at Mt. A. in 2010
To celebrate our Class again.
Time to show how we survive;
’55 IS 55.

Annual golf outing

Class fo 1955 golf

This group from the Class of ‘55 have been having a three-day golf outing since 2003.

Left to right: Dave Latimer, Bob MacDonald, Brian Fluhman, Louie Johnston, Les Parrot, Don MacGowan, Graham Langley, Blenus Nicholson (‘54).

Other members who have played are Doug Johnston '54, Graham Frampton '56, Merle Pratt '57, and Pete Daniels '56.

From the archives

Class of 1955 archive 2

 Class of 1955 Guy Reynolds and Ron Dempsey

Guy Reynolds and Ron Dempsey

Class of 1955 Doug MacEachern

Good old Douglas "Stretch" MacEachern at the '55 initiation

Class of 1955 archive

Class officers

Vice-President -
Alma (Trevors) Baker
Secretary-Treasurer -
Leslie Parrott

Class yell

Who’s the best?
We’re the best!
We’re the best of all the rest.
That’s the class that is alive.
We’re the class of Red and Grey
We’re the class that leads the way.
Red for spirit!
Grey for drive!
Red and Grey for fifty-five.

Class of 1955 Bursary in Memory of Ron Dempsey

The Class of 1955 has created a bursary to assist students with financial need. Members of the class are encouraged to support the fund in order to help as many students as possible.

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