Reunion 2016

Reunion 2016 - Class of 56

Row 1 (L-R):  Audrey (Goold) Coleman, Ian Gilchrist, Betty Colwell, Elaine Smith, Thomas Smith, Doug Johnston.
Row 2: Joyce (Macleod) Gilchrist, Bill Bishop, Bill Manuel, Fred Colwell, David Stewart, Dick Ford, Frank Maxwell.

Reunion 2011

Class of 1956 Reunion 2011

Front row: Jean Langley, Jean (Hanson) Flemington, Betty (Olding) Colwell, Joan (Nickerson) Johnston, Wendell Fulton

Back row: Tom (Goldie) Smith, Ross McDonald, Bill Manuel, Frank Maxwell, Bill Bishop, Ike Goodine, Glen Johnston

Reunion 2006

Class of 1956 Reunion 2006

First row, left to right: Al MacLeod, Janet (Horwood) Bone, Eve (Draper) Hauser, Enid (Keirstead) Mills, Lois (Walker) Soderstrom, June (Robertson) Donovan, Vi Bailly, Warren Lindsay, Vincent Ihasz, Wendell Fulton

Second row, left to right: Florence Akerley, David Stewart, Frank Maxwell, Ross McDonald, Herb Doane, Jean Langley, Frances (Piercy) Campbell, Audrey (Goold) Coleman, Elaine Smith, Betty (Olding) Colwell, Anne (Tupper) Davison, Aileen (Sabean) Wade, Marlene (Davison) Skoutajan, Malcolm Cogswell, Dorothy (Terry) Cameron, Catherine (Tutty) Frampton, Peter MacRae

Third row, left to right: Emmerson King, Sandy McPhail, Evans Harrison, Jim Brow, Norman Carruthers, Bloyce Beck, Susan Ross, Joan (Nickerson) Johnston, Carol (Brinton) Daniels, Tom (Goldie) Smith, Jean (Hanson) Flemington, Doug Johnston, Bill Manuel, Glen Johnston.Back-back row: Bill Bishop

Class officers

Secretary-Treasurer -
Frank Maxwell

Class yell

5 - 6 - 5 - 6
1 - 9 - 5 - 6

Campus classes, you're in clover
We're the greatest to take over
Here's the latest — here's the word
Here's the class that all have heard
Here's the orange
Here's the green
They're the colours of our team
1 - 9 - 5 - 6