Welcome Class of '57!

Class of 1957 crest

Reunion 2017


First Row: Beverly Johnston, Joan (Fraser) Angus, B.L. Mary Lou Fleming Dewar, Linda Braine, Dawn MacNutt, Bud Mann, Rosemary (Clarke) Gerdts, Nancy Wallace Doane, Elizabeth (Foster) Folland

Second Row: John Hilchie, David Graham, Aubrey Atkinson, Jerry Hannah, Arelene Hamilton Francis, Neil Colwell, Brenda Trafford, Jessie MacDonald, Joan Carlisle-Irving, Lorna Roach Tissington, Tony Richard, Frank Lovely, Bruce Smith, Nelson Patterson

Third Row: Bob Dewar, Fred Barrett, Ian Cumming, Hugh Ashworth, Peter Vanier, Ray Francis

Reunion 2012

Class of 1957 Reunion 2012

Front row: Elizabeth (Moore) Armour, Brenda Trafford, Nancy (Wallace) Doane, Eleanor (Grant) MacKay, Rosemary (Clarke) Gerdts, Dawn (Reid) MacNutt

Second row: Merle Elderkin MacGowan, Bev (Wheaton) Johnston, Arlene (Hamilton) Francis, Jessie (Bingham) Joyce, Mary (MacFadyem) Glauser, Lorna (Roach) Tissington, Charles McLaughlin

Third row: Jerry Hannah, Layton Fisher, David Graham, Pearce Penney, A. Fred Archibald, John Caron, Bud Mann, Neil Colwell

Reunion 2007

Class of 1957 Reunion 2007

Floor, left to right: Layton Fisher, Merle (Elderkin) MacGowan, Nels Patterson, Dawn (Reid) MacNutt, Lorna (MacMahon) Gillis, Jessie (Cameron) MacDonald, Linda Braine, Kenneth R. MacDonald, Don Darby

Sitting: Helen (Drew) Woods, B.L. Mary Lou (Fleming) Dewar, Brenda (Hughson) Trafford, Marion (Irving) Daigle, Joan (Fanjoy) Russell, Laurie Bowes, Eleanor (Grant) MacKay, Rosemary (Clarke) Gerdts, Lorna (Roach) Tissington, Mary (McReynolds) McDonald

Third row: Joan (Fraser) Angus, Margaret (Christie) Embree, Norma (Reid) Jones, Margaret (Jones) Fetterly, Arlene (Hamilton) Francis, Elizabeth (Moore) Armour, Katherine (Fisher) Nickerson, Nancy (Wallace) Doane, Dorothy (Whiting) Hannam, Janice (Caron) Watt, Bev (Wheaton) Johnston, June (Taylor) Boswell, Gail Miller Kaye, Joan Carlisle-Irving, Ann Louise (McPhail) King, Frank Lovely

Fourth row: Firman Bentley, Tony Richard, Neil Colwell, Joan (Fulmore) Thompson, Huch Ashworth, Fred Barrett, Bruce Smith, Ian Cumming, Joe Burton, John Caron, Bill Fluhmann

Fifth row: Donald Goss, Owen Woods, Joanne McDonald, Thelma Colbourne, John Field, Peter Davis, A. Fred Archibald, David Graham, Hugh Macdonald, Christopher Pratt, Graham Frampton

Sixth row: Robert Dickie, Bob Dewar, Don Wishart, Peter Daniels, Aubrey Atkinson, Jerry Hannah, David Wills, Ray A. Francis, Bud Mann

Class officers

President -
Bud Mann
Dawn (Reid) MacNutt -

Class yell

We’ll be famous, we’ll be bold
We’ll stand up for black and gold
These are our colours, raise them high
Above the campus they will fly
’57 never fall
All for one and one for all
We’re the best, we’ll always be
’57 variety
1-9-5-7 Alumni!!!

Class of 1957 Pratt Lectures

The Class of 1957 continues to support its class project, Pratt Lectures. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to this great project.

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