Reunion 2017


First Row: Margaret Horsnell, Sheila (Fraser) Dean, Linda (MacLeod) Stewart, Heidi (Neumann) Lockerby, Daryl (Steeves) Chaddock

Second Row: Margaret Murray, Evanel McEwan, William Levy, Barbara (Beaton) Anderson, Alberta Smith, Earle Lockerby, Ruth Kirk

Reunion 2012

Class of 1962 Reunion 2012

Front row: Jean (Coughlan) Marks, Linda (MacLeod) Stewart, Richard MacKenzie, Dorothy (Ritcey) Pethick, Sheila (Fraser) Dean, Bill Levy, Heidi (Newmann) Lockerby, Janet (Vaughan) MacLennan

Second row: Al Gullon, Edna (Leonard) Bingham, Daryl (Steeves) Chaddock, Rollie MacInnis, Judy (Meisner) MacInnis, Betty (Borgel) Johnson, Judy (Delong) Waldrum, Barbara (Beaton) Anderson, Miriam (Hyde) Lank, Margaret Murray, Myrna (Smith) Morton, Neil (Ackman) Kempe, Kent Sweeney

Third row: David Winsor, Alberta Smith, Shelagh (McCann) Cowan, Peggy (Mumford) Winters, Al Tupper, John Bragg, Richard Cregan, Evanel McEwen, Ruth Kirk, Richard Goodick, Meg (Starratt) Kuehm, Ed Rieger

Fourth row: Robert Young, Wayne Ladner, Derek Anderson, David McCabe, Earle Lockerby, Ed Dewar, Alick Anderson (Alick), Lloyd McEwen, Doug Purdy

Class of 1962 crest

Reunion 2007

Class of 1962 Reunion 2007

Front Row, left to right: Sheila (Fraser) Dean, Elsa (Bacon) Dickson, Linda (MacLeod) Stewart, Heidi (Neumann) Lockerby, Barbara (Beaton) Anderson, Judy (Meisner) MacInnis, Ruth Kirk

Second Row: Jean Snow (Bishop), Peggy (Mumford) Winters, Alick Anderson, Larry Jack, Earle Lockerby, Ev McEwen, Lloyd McEwen, Rollie MacInnis, Ruth Morris (Latham), Kent Sweeney

Class of 1962 Home Ec

Class of 1962 Home Ec

Submitted by Ev McEwen

Found this old picture of the Class of 1962 Home Ec taken the day Sackville flooded and we had no electricity.

Back row: Myrna Smith, Lydia Hutchinson, Shelagh McCann, Mary March, Jane Trueman, Marion Perry, Ruth Smith, ----------------, Betty Learmouth, Miss Cavanaugh.

Front row: Bev Flemming,  Frances Sutherland, Barb McLellan, Miriam Hyde.

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Class officers

President -
Richard MacKenzie
Vice-President -
Sheila (Fraser) Dean
Treasurer -
William Levy
Secretary -
Dorothy (Ritcey) Pethick
Valedictorian -
James MacKenzie

Class yell
On your feet and give a yell,
Sixty-Two is here to tell 
That we are keen you must admit,
Endowed with charm and ready wit.
Our colours are Chartreuse and Black,
We possess what others lack.
Truth and skill are what we seek,
Truly we're the Class unique. 
We’re the class you’ll not outdo,
We’re the class of Sixty-Two!
1962     1962      1962

Class of 1962 Bursary

The Class of 1962 continues to support a bursary. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students with financial need realize their dream of a University education.

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