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Reunion Weekend 2015 – 50th

Reunion 2015 - Class of 1965

Row 1 (L-R): Cheryl (Mitchell) Sanford, Alan Moore, Kay (Antle) McNamara, Betty Anne (Colp) McDorman,  Margaret (Davidson) Forbes, Margaret Anne MacBeath, Jean (Hamilton) Ross, Anne Fawcett (behind Jean), Evan Cady, Honourable Barbara (Oliver) Hagerman, Deborah Johns, Gloria (Lebon) Laub, Al Smith, Allan Adams, Douglas Smith, Sherry (MacCallum) Finlay, Manuel Estabrooks, Kay (Oliver) Collins, Nancy LeMoine, Karen (MacDonald) Angel, Avalon (Brown) Hamlin, Hensley Alexander, Betty Ann (Warner) Darby,  Allen Darby,  Patrick Dunphy, Cheryl (Williams) Farwell,  Lynwood Jay, Heather (MacNevin) Davidson, Claudia (Chapman) Radford, Elizabeth MacLure, Duncan MacLeod, John Storey, George Demmons.   

Row 2 (L-R): Peter Claman, Diane Leslie MacKay, Jessie Parker, Nigel Martin, Lowell Wood, Philip MacDonald, Rick DesBrisay, Marg (Fawcett) Wood, Darrell Mesheau, Paull Leamen, Cairine McCann, Joan (Woodside) Triplett, Mary Jane (Clark) Young, Marilyn (Lutz) Minard, Mary (Mimi) (McAlpine) MacKinnon, Prudence (Prue) (Wilmshurst) Hansen, Ruthe (Marshall) Tiessen, Sally (MacKenzie) Norcott, Heather (MacGregor) Bagnell, Lynn MacMurtrey Schnare, Sandra (Dixon) Piers, Catharin (Isner) Bird.
Row 3 (L-R): Michael Hansen, Michael Norcott, Fred Jesty, Robert Trevors, Brian Trenholm, Margaret (Bateman) Ellison, Bill Prescott, Jeffrey Fenwick, Bruce Fenwick, Edward Turner.
Missing: Dave Boston, Beth (Ramsay) Evans, Victoria (Lee) Baxter,  Brian Ritchie,  Terry Thompson.

Class of 1965 Scholarship update

September 2014

This past year our Class of '65 Scholarship helped six students – 1 from Alberta, 2 from New Brunswick, 1 from Nova Scotia, 1from Manitoba, and the final one from the Yukon!

All of them will benefit from Mount Allison’s distinctive educational experience which we were all so privileged to enjoy. The support of the Class of '65 Millennium Scholarship provided these students with the opportunity to be part of Mount Allison’s immersive learning community and access the advantages it offers: small classes, high quality academics, freedom to pursue your passions, and a supportive environment.

Through the generosity of our class and the generosity of others like us, the Mount Allison endowment has grown to $139 million — the second-highest endowment per student of all Canadian universities. These funds are key to supporting research opportunities, scholarships, experiential learning, and other programs that help equip students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

We can be so proud that we are helping so many each year.

Sally Norcott

Reunion 2010

Class of 1965 Reunion 2010

First Row: Allan H. Adams, Margaret Anne MacBeath, Rick DesBrisay, Sally Norcott, Cate Bird, Cairine McCann, Frank Powell

Second Row: Debby Johns, Karen (MacDonald) Angel, Fern (MacLeod) Mollon, Marjorie (MacDonald) Trenholm, Brian Trenholm, Margaret Bateman Ellison, Claudia Radford, Terry Thompson, Bob Trevors, Darrell Mesheau, Marg Forbes

Third Row: Robert Angel, Doug Smith, Mike Norcott, Duncan MacLeod, Al Smith, Jeff Fenwick, Anne Fawcett

Class officers

President -
Terry Thompson
Vice-President -
Catharin (Isner) Bird
Treasurer -
Richard DesBrisay
Secretary -
Sally (MacKenzie) Norcott
Valedictorian -
John Swaine

Class yell

Stand back, stand back,
Give us room!
Mustard and moss is here to stay,
Mustard and moss will pave the way.
We’re the class on top, no less;
Time will tell of our success.
Forever we will keep alive
The SPIRIT and PRIDE of ’65!
1965 – 1965 – 1965

Class of 1965 Millennium Scholarship

The Millenium Scholarship was created by the Class of 1965 during their reunion in 2000. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students realize their dream of a University education.

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