Reunion 2017


First Row: Jane Banks, Mary Ann Bibby, Elizabeth Morrison, John Farnon, Lynda Symms, Rick Thompson, Rose Anne Peach, Joan Perrin, Heike Crane, Jean Sealy, Helen Cook, Beth Bond, Dennis Dann

Second Row: Suzanne Toole, Carol Baker, Martha Jay, Audrey Jordan, Elaine Fraser

Third Row: Kate Braid, Calvin Hegge, Susan Cameron, Sharon Moyse, Robert Lindsay, Jim Sutherland, Linda Hill, Hugh Mcknight, Bill Dechman, Judy (Knee) Coates, Lloyd Fraser, David Fullerton, Bruce Campbell

Fourth Row: Alan Miller, Ian Andrews, Steve Peacock, Jim Cleveland, Cyril Moyse, David Gass, David Gass, Kevin Sterns, Joe Robb, Nancy Vogan, Judy (Miles) Rose, Lynda Sharpe

Fifth Row: Gordon MacKay, Robert Wright, Paul Cappelli, Doug Powell, Richard Simms, Paul Pergeau, Gerry Hopkirk, Sandy MacIntosh, Sandra Dyer, Phillip Dyer, Murray Lawson


Reunion 2012

Class of 1967 Reunion 2012

Front row: Heather (Gray) Lewis, Linda (Rose) Hill, Carol (Morehouse) Baker, Nancy Vogan, Jane (Perry) Banks, Helen (Hendrickson) Cook

Back row: Sandy MacIntosh, Gordon MacKay, Hugh McKnight, Bill Dechman, Joseph Robb, David A. Gass, Rick Thompson, David S. Gass

Reunion 2007

Class of 1967 Reunion 2007

Left to Right, First Row: Audrey Jordan (Cunningham), Joseph Robb, Helen (Hendrickson) Cook, Sandy MacIntosh, Rick Thompson, Linda Hill (Rose)

Second Row: Nancy Vogan, Heather (Gray) Lewis, Sharon (Smith) Moyse, Cyril Moyse, Ian Andrews, David A. Gass, Sandy (Van Zoost) Dyer, Susan (Rodenhiser) Cameron

Third Row: Peter Clare, Robert Ogilvie, Jane (Perry) Banks, Cal Hegge, Gordon MacKay, Bob Wright, George MacDonald, Phil Dyer

Class officers

President -
Alexander MacIntosh
Treasurer -
David Gass
Secretary -
Elizabeth (Anglin) Evans

Class yell

Spirit we have, intelligence too
Exuberance is ours, to dare and to do
Yell for Vermillion, shout for jet
Exclaim aloud, we’re the best class yet
Viewing the future, everything looks bright,
Nothing can daunt us, ‘67 fight!

Class of 1967 Disability Award

The Class of 1967 has a class project to help students pay for expenses associated with having a disability. The class continues to support this award.

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