Reunion 2018





Class of '68 - 50 th  Year Pin  


Front Row (L-R): Robert Crossman, Jean (MacNeil) Crossman, Martha (Robertson) Massey, Jacquie (Ewart) Welsh, Jonne Warner, Jon Van Zoost, Maurice Tugwell, Judith Tompkins, Phyllis (Atkinson) Stopps


Second Row (L-R): Deanna Rice, Mary (Ellis) Stokes-Rees, Sheila Stevenson Archibald, Elaine (Steeves) Smith, Romer Shewchuk, Janice (Hicking) Shewchuk, Ibel (vanZwol) Scammell, Nancy (Grainger) Robb, Paul Ritchie, Robert Watt


Third Row (L-R): Cyril Reid, Barb (Wood) Reid, Garth Rayner, Gloria Rankin, Marilyn (Paynter) Prescott, Gwenyth (Mulkins) Phillips, Sharon Pell MacKinnon, Joan Peggs, Edith (MacCaull) Nicholson, Sue (Gass) Morse, Ewart Morse


Fourth Row (L-R): John Mitchell, Wylie McMullen, Kathleen (Downey) McCullen, Robert McLean, Joan (Jamieson) McDougall, Charles Massey, Mary (Gosbee) Martin, Neil MacLean, Richard MacKinnon, Sandra (Johnston) MacKay


Fifth Row (L-R): Shirley (Adams) MacIntosh, Gerald MacGarvie, Robert Lockhart, Donna (Zwicker) Lock, Alan Lock, Ralph Lewis, Elizabeth (Beveridge) Lebrun, Marilyn (Trimper) Krajc, Elaine (Corey) Huntington, Jane (Roxborough) Halisky


Sixth Row (L-R): Alex Morrison, Darryl Gray, Diane (Merrill) Fullerton, Peter Frost, Moira (MacDonald) Forbes, Michael Forbes, Charles Fawcett, Carol Estey, Nancy (Waller) Cutler, Sandra Crabtree, Wade Cook


Seventh Row (L-R): Eugenia (Trueman) Coates, Sandi Jean (Etheridge) Carmichael, Judy (Porter) Cameron, Catherine (Cooke) Byard, Diane (Bryson) Butler, Pam (Steeves) Bowman, Lynn (MacKinnon) Boothroyd, Elizabeth (Hopper) Boettger, Brian Bell


Message from Brian Bell, President, Class of '68

Class of 68 MouseWelcome to our newly updated Class of 68 webpage! We agreed at our 45th reunion in 2013 to stay connected and now we can − easily! On this page you will find details on our class legacy project; updates on the first two recipients of our entrance scholarship; and news on past and upcoming reunions. And there will be much more in the years to come! So bookmark this page to keep informed of important updates that we will be making periodically and featuring the exceptional spirit − and accomplishments − of the Class of 68!

Class of '68 Entrance Scholarship

In 2008, following our 40th reunion, the Class of 68 launched a five-year campaign to create a scholarship as our legacy project.

Following are the criteria for the scholarship:

  • The award is an entrance scholarship of a minimum of $4000.
  • It is given to a well-rounded student as demonstrated by her/his leadership, community service and extracurricular activities.
  • The student must have a strong academic standing, though may not be at the top of their class.
  • Preference is given to a student with financial need.

Scholarship Committee

In 2008 a legacy project committee was established to define the class project and to oversee its implementation.

At our 45th reunion in 2013 the class presented a cheque of $103.068 to Dr. Campbell, President and Vice-Chancellor, to formally launch the scholarship. With the committeeʼs work completed, ongoing stewardship of the award lies with our Class Officers.

Legacy project committee members present a cheque of $103,068 to Robert M. Campbell, President and Vice-Chancellor at our 45th reunion.

Class of 68 Donation

Legacy Committee: (l-r) Brian Bell, Maurice Tugwell, Kathleen McMullen, Nancy (Waller) Cutler, Pam Steeves Bowman, Nancy Grainger Robb, Robert Campbell

Scholarship recipients

2015 - 2016 Recipient
Heather Richards, Ontario

The Class of 68,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Heather Richards and I am honored to be chosen as a recipient for the “Wonderful Scholarship” this year. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your continued support to Mount Allison University and its students.

Academics have always been a huge part of my life and having the opportunity to continue my education at a first class University like Mount Allison is truly a dream come true. I am currently in my first year here at Mount A where I hope to study Chemistry, with intentions of moving onto Physiotherapy or Medicine.

Along with my busy 5 course schedule, I am proud to say that I am a
member of the 2015/16 Mount Allison Womenʼs Varsity Hockey Team. Hockey is a passion of mine that started at the young age of 4 and to
this day continues to grow.

I am loving the time spent here at Mount Allison thus far. The welcoming atmosphere and endless support has made the transition from home seem effortless.

My dreams are becoming a reality thanks to people like yourselves. I can assure you that your generosity does not go unnoticed.

Once again I would like to thank you for supporting Mount Allison and its students. I can only hope that one day I will be as “Wonderful” as you!

Heather Richards

2014 -2015 Recipient
Katherine Chamandy, Quebec

Dear Class of ʼ68

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the financial support your class has provided me with this academic year. Since my arrival at Mount Allison University, I have discovered the meaning of a university experience through the community of learning and support.

I am in my first year of studies at Mount Allison with second-year standing.

As a geography and history major, I am also exploring minors in religious studies and gender studies. I am a peer educator with SHARE, the Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education service. This year, we have piloted a Walk Home program, accompanying students home late at night to ensure their safety.

I am the intramural representative for my residence and have a position as a Residence Assistant in Windsor Hall next year.

Thank you for investing in my education and my future

Katherine Chamandy

Reunion 2018 – Our 50th!!

It is hard to believe that 2018 marks 50 years since we stood on the stage in Convocation Hall and received our degree from Mount Allison University!

So much living has been done since then and so many memories of our time at Mount A remain.

Mark May 2018 on your calendar now for this very special reunion and plan to attend. Connect with old friends, reminisce, and play catch-up.

Bookmark this page and stay tuned for updates and plans as we get closer to the date!

Reunion 2013

Class of 1968 Reunion 2013

First row: Alex Morrison, Wade Cook, Jaqueline Welsh, Cathy Byard, Brian Bell, Maurice Tugwell, Shirley MacIntosh, Deanna Rice

Second row: Nancy (Waller) Cutler, Pam Steeves Bowman, Elaine (Steeves) Smith, Elizabeth (Beveridge) Lebrun, Lee (Walker) Taggart, Gwenyth (Mulkins) Phillips, Mary (Gosbee) Martin, Diane (Merrill) Fullerton, Marilyn (Trimper) Krajc

Third row: Claudia (Lutes) Tugwell, Joyce (Lowther) Nelson, Ibel (van Zwol) Scammell, Wylie McMullen, Kathleen (Downey) McMullen, Phyllis (Atkinson) Stopps, Ann (Cunningham) Falvey, Genie (Trueman) Coates, Diane (Bryson) Butler

Fourth row: Gloria Rankin, Sheila Stevenson, Sandi Etheridge Carmichael, Sandra Crabtree MacGarvie, Nancy Grainger Robb, Ewart Morse, Sue (Gass) Morse, Gerald MacGarvie, Paul Ritchie, Sandra MacKay, Barb (Wood) Reid

Reunion 2008

Class of 1968 Reunion 2008

First row (sitting): Sheila Stevenson, Gwen (Mulkins) Phillips, Sandi (Etheridge) Carmichael, Gloria Rankin

First row: Claudia (Lutes) Tugwell, Maurice Tugwell, Cathy (Cooke) Byard, Brian Bell, Genie (Trueman) Coates, Bette (MacWilliams) Sheen, Diane (Merrill) Fullerton, Shirley (Adams) MacIntosh

Second row: Kathleen (Downey) McMullen, Judy (Porter) Cameron, Judith Tompkins, Pam (Steeves) Bowman, Ibel (Van Zwol) Scammell, Elaine (Steeves) Smith, Ann (Cunningham) Falvey, Gerry Nixon, Mary (Gosbee) Martin, Lyn (Trimper) Krajc, Elizabeth (Hopper) Boettger

Third row: Wylie McMullen, Sue (Gass) Morse, Nancy (Waller) Cutler, Jane (Roxborough) Halisky, Bob McLean, Moira (MacDonald) Forbes, Ruth (Greenlaw) Swan, Pat (Chappell) DesBrisay, Nancy (Grainger) Robb, Joan Peggs
Fourth row: Ewart Morse, Wade Cook, Deanna Rice, Sandra (Johnston) MacKay, Edith (MacCaull) Nicholson

Class officers

President -
Brian Bell
Vice-President -
Catherine (Cooke) Byard
Treasurer -
Maurice Tugwell
Secretary -
Jacqueline (Ewart) Welsh
Janitor -
Raymond Wheeler

Class yell

Pumpkin and Sky,
Pumpkin and Sky,
Spirit of ’68 will never die!

We’ve brain and we’ve brawn,
And when we have gone,
Spirit of ’68 will live on!

We’ve strength and we’ve might
To uphold the right,
Spirit of ’68 will always fight!

Class of 1968 Entrance Scholarship

The Class of 1968 continues to support its entrance scholarship. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students realize their dream of a University education.

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