Reunion 2019!

May 10-12


Classmates that have registered 


Murray Baillie
George Brian Black
Martha Brown
Roy Cheverie
Paul Christie ('69) & Joan Howitt-Christie ('71)
Sheila (MacLean) Clark ('69) & Sandy Clark
Bruce ('69) & Genie (Trueman) Coates ('68)
Pamela (Foote) Coupland
Jim & Carol (Hazeldine) Dewar
Ross ('69) & Nadine Drysdale
Emily (Vaughan) Erickson
Joan (Cruikshank) Fair
Lorraine Filyer
Stephanie Ford Forrester
Janet (Linkletter) Fotheringham
David Fulton
Louise (Moore) Gass
Dorothy Hewson
Bonnie (Bain) & Leslie Huskins
Roland Hutchinson
Barbara (Carson) Jardine
Jane Kennedy
Brian & Lynn (Archibald) Knudsen ('69)
Veronica (Morgan) Leonard
Robert & Jane (Parchello) Lutes ('70)
Mary Jo (Kennedy) Lynch
Laurene (Robertson) MacDonald
Margaret Machum
Gerard & Margaret (Rowe) MacLeod
William (Bill) MacLeod
Nancy (Day) Mandly
Martha (MacLeod) Maslen
James Matheson
Shirley (MacAusland) Matheson
Christie (Mason) McKay
Peter McLellan
Brenda (Wilson) Medynski & Albert Medynski ('70)
Wayne & Gwenyth (Mulkins) Phillips
Marilyn Drake Pickett
George ('69) & Sue Pugsley
Bryan Scully
Peter Simone
Douglas Sobey
Nigel Williams
Cheri (Cheryl) (Croft) Wilson








MAY 10-12, 2019


Well we heard about it and we saw the others as they marched in for their 50th Reunion and now it's our turn!


As you know the 50th is considered special and our Class Members will be given special treatment! Here are some key aspects of our Special Treatment:

  1. We are all designated to be staying in the same residence, Bigelow House. There is a common space and kitchen area to which we will have sole access and which will no doubt be the focus point for the weekend.
  2. Friday night we will have a separate informal Class of '69 Lobster dinner (with a ham or vegetarian option) in Tweedie Hall. This will provide a great chance for us to get together and reminisce and inflate the memories of the past.
  3. There is also the Pin Ceremony, a Class Photo, and a photo with the 2019 Graduating Class.


When giving consideration to returning to Mount Allison in May 2019 for our 50 th reunion there are a number of other key considerations:

  1. No one ever says, "I wish I hadn't gone to the Reunion";
  2. Some of our friends will not be there for our next reunion;
  3. This really is a wonderful chance to reunite with good friends we see maybe now and then and to meet up with those we never see.


You know all of the above but sometimes it takes a reminder to put those thoughts in the forefront of our mind, and hence, this note.


Our experience with previous reunions is that the best approach is for people to call their friends and tell them you are coming. This is what makes the difference for many who say: "I came this time because I knew....... was coming and I haven't seen them in years."


One good piece of news is that the University has a focus on more fun and less business during reunions. Over the years they have come to learn that people want to spend time with their friends more than going to business meetings.


We hope to see you there, and, please keep in mind that early registration is recommended. For our convenience we will all be staying in Bigelow House.


Your Executive and a few volunteers will be making calls and we ask for your help by calling your friends, the ones you most want to see. Our 50th  reunion will be as good as we make it!



Bob Lutes

On behalf of the Class of '69 Executive



Registration Options  


The All-Inclusive Package  

The all-inclusive package includes on-campus accommodations and direct access to all meals and events for your class. It's the most convenient option and ensures that you get a ticket to all of your classes events and activities.  Register for the all-inclusive package today!      


à la carte Registration  

If you would like to customize your weekend by choosing the meals, activities, and/or accommodations that are of interest to you, then the à la carte Registration is the way to go.   Visit the  à la carte Registration page to register today.      





Reunion 2014

Class of 1969 Reunion 2014

First row: Wayne Phillips, Barrie MacFarlane, Bob Lutes, Lynn Knudsen, Brian Black, Jim Dewar

Second row: Lou (Moore) Gass, Barbara (Carson) Jardine, Sheila (MacLean) Clark, Emily (Vaughan) Erickson, Cheri (Croft) Wilson, John (Eagles) McKnight, Carol (Hazeldine) Dewar, Margaret (McIntosh) Ashe

Third row: Martha Brown, Jane Kennedy, Mary Jo (Kennedy) Lynch, George Pugsley, David Fulton, Bruce Coates, Paul Christie, Jim Matheson

Class of 1969 crest

Class of 1969 crest

Class crest

Class officers

President -
Robert Lutes
Vice-President -
Jacqueline Boughner
Treasurer -
Brian Black
Secretary -
Lynn (Archibald) Knudsen
Janitor -
Bill Estabrooks
Valedictorian -
Doug Sobey