Reunion 2015

Reunion 2015 - Class of 1970

Row 1 (L-R): Ron Rondeau, Alana Milne Robb, Louise (Oates) Cooke, Bill Bishop, Marion Holder, Kathy Morrell.

Row 2 (L-R): Michael Hatfield, Rob Miller, Heather (MacPherson) Wilkes, Pam Love, Norman Buchanan, Marilyn (Read) Stark, Pam (Cullen) Anderson, Lorraine (Bragg) Moore, Margo (Staples) Bent.

Row 3 (L-R): Gary Miller, Ron Buckle, Barb Cameron, Lorne Goodman, Colin Cmaeron, Jim Farmer, Nora Baker Fillier, Chuck Anderson, Linda (Mantle) Weatherbee, David Constable.

Home Economics 1970

hec 1970

Is it time for a cookie cutter reunion? I thought it would be fun and the proper time to bring the members of the Home Economics 1970 class together again. I have kept this photo in my bottom drawer for the last 45 years.

Every once in a while I look at it and chuckle as I try to remember what exactly it was that we were protesting.  Doesn’t Miss Philbrick look like a freshette? Join me at the reunion to share all the memories. If you want to get in touch my email is
Alana Milne Robb

Reunion 2010

Class of 1970 Reunion 2010

First Row: Cathy (MacLennan) Snow, Marilyn (Cook) Mullett, Marilyn Read-Stark, Louise (Oates) Cooke, Alana (Milne) Robb, Nora (Baker) Fillier, Rob Watt

Second Row: Ann (Goodyear) Harvie, Barb (Jardine) Mutch, Joan Calder, Ann Cauty, Pam Love, Debbie (Terris) Kervin, Bill Bishop, Gary Miller, Ron Rondeau, Rob Miller

Third Row: Marion Holder, Mac MacLeod, Dale Ellis, Ron Kervin, Lorne Goodman, Jack Countryman, Michael Hatfield

Reunion 2004

Class of 1970 Reunion 2004

Class of 1970 Louise Cooke

Louise Cooke at Palmer Reunion 2004.

Class officers

President -
Bill Bishop
Vice-President -
Jeanie Hicks-Laliberté
Treasurer -
Peter Classon
Secretary -
Judy (Hayes) Chaplin
Janitor -
Norman Buchanan
Valedictorian -
Ambury Stuart

Class of 1970 Bursary

The Class of 1970 continues to support a bursary. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students with financial need realize their dream of a University education.

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