Reunion 2018

Dear Mount Allison Class of ’73,

First off I would like to thank the entire Class of ‘73 for generously giving me $1500 to cover my travels while on exchange. As well, I would like to extend a thank you to the financial aid office who works tirelessly to make sure students get the funding they need. The Class of ’73 Travel Bursary not only helps students get to where they are going, but it also helps many have a more fruitful experience. This bursary shows how much Mount Allison Alumni support and value a global experience for its future generations of Mount
Allison graduates.

This bursary is making a direct impact on my studies, my global experience and my personal growth. I am a third-year student pursuing a degree with Honors in Political Science and a minor in Philosophy. This semester, I am studying at the City University of Hong Kong. However, my learning has not been limited to within Hong Kong. For my classes I will be travelling to mainland China and in my free time I have/will be travelling to South Korea,
the Philippines and Thailand. Without this bursary, I wouldn’t be able to have these experiences. So far, my best memories have been travelling to the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, the American World War Two Cemetery and Memorial in the Philippines and exploring my new home in Hong Kong. This semester I’ve learned and will continue to learn so much about the world around us. These valuable life lessons will make an impact on the ways I approach my studies, interest and my future goals.

Again, thank you for your generosity, dedication and investment into Mount Allison students studying abroad and travelling. In the upcoming weeks I will be meeting with Alumni based in Hong Kong and I’m excited to begin my involvement with the Mount Allison Alumni community. The Class of ‘73’s commitment to funding students is a great example of how this community continues to support once in a life time experiences for Mount Allison students.

Mount Allison truly is a small university with a global community, and I can’t wait to bring back what I’ve learned!

Best Wishes,
Paige Percy
Mount Allison University
B.A. Honors Political Science ‘20





Class of '73  


Front Row (L-R): Carol (Hamlyn) Jackson, Christan Nicholson, Eileen Cummings, Kathy Chapman, Jill (Hemeon) Rafuse, Richard Wood, Susan Drysdale, Greg Donald, Linda Giddens


Second Row (L-R): Susan Trevor, Connie MacLennan, Bonnie Hurry, Sharon Whitmee, Diana Locke, Sylvia Gunn, Cathy Anderson, Debi McMillan, Alice Porter, Martha Johnson, Jean (Layton) MacKay, Margaret (Farnell) Casey, Carole Machen, Bonnie Boyd, Jim Jackson


Third Row (L-R): Elaine Forbes, Sandy (Milne) Belliveau, Bill Bigelow, Bob Thomas, Jim Currier, Sandra Fraser, Margaret Hunt, Evelyn (Gaudine) Perkins, Harris Boyd, Peter Hicklin, Ron Bulmer


Fourth Row (L-R): Steven Trevor, John MacLennan, Gary Chase, Chris LePage, Martin Van Egmond, Bruce McMillan, Peter German, Steve Heckbert, George Shaw


Thank you letters from Mount Allison students

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Reunion 2013

Class of 1973 Reunion 2013

First row: Sharon (Erskine) Whitmee, Diane Locke, Steve Heckbert, Gary Chase, David R. Jennings, Bob Cunningham, Della Stanley, Alice Porter, Jane (MacInnes) Brown, Gail Smith

Second row: Lorna MacGillivray, Kathy Chapman, Sandy Milne, Christan Nicholson, Carole Machen, Eileen Cummings, Laurie Gunn, Margaret Casey, Jean (Layton) MacKay

Third row: Peter Hicklin, Martha Johnson, Christopher LePage, Jill (Hemeon) Rafuse, Wendy Brown, Debbi (Richards) DeLong, Linda (Smith) Giddens, Inna (Kaleva) Harrison, Ann (Moore) Stewart, Bob Hall, Jim Jackson, Sandra Fraser, Bonnie Hurry, Belinda Maxwell ('74)

Fourth row: Fraser Patterson, Roland Wright, Rick Ormston, Bill Bigelow, Bonnie Boyd, Ian Perowne, Stephen Lockyer, Bob Thomas, John MacLennan, Richard Wood, Margaret Hunt

Fifth row: Paul Gunn, Bill Hamilton, Jim Currier, Martin Van Egmond, Greg Donald, George Shaw, Don Campbell, Harris Boyd, Peter German, Elaine Forbes

Reunion 2008

Class of 1973 Reunion 2008

First row: Linda (Smith) Giddens, Inna (Kaleva) Harrison, Elizabeth (Murray) Harrison, Christan Nicholson, Jean (Layton) MacKay, Mary Louise (Nelson) Howe, Jane (MacInnis) Brown

Second row: Sharon (Erskine) Whitmee, Elaine (Foote) Forbes, Alice (Trueman) Porter, Jim Currier, Bill Bigelow, Jill (Hemeon) Rafuse, Diana Locke, Margaret (Farnell) Casey, Eileen (Harris) Cummings

Third row: Don Campbell, Margaret (Douglas) Hunt, Gary Rayner, Art Mattson, Bob Hall, John MacLennan, Richard Wood

Fourth row: Chris LePage, Jim Jackson, Donald MacAuley, Greg Donald, Bob Thomas, Peter German

Class officers

Vice-President -
Martha (Cox) Johnson
Treasurer -
Jim Currier
Secretary -
Donna Trafford
Janitor -
Peter German
Valedictorian -
Steve Heckbert

Class yell

73's the class to be
Stand and cheer
73's the class to be
Stand and cheer
Mount Allison's the place to be
The very best is 73
73 is the class to be. Hurray!

Class of 1973 International Exchange Travel Bursary

The Class of 1973 continues to support its International Exchange Travel Bursary. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to this project.

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