Reunion 2014

Class of 1984 Reunion 2014

First row: Janet (Murdoch) Soper, Judy Cairns, Darlene (Morice) O’Shea, Wendy Brewer, Ruth Gretsinger

Second row: Doug Betts, Leslie Beaver, Rick Gant, Michael “Spike” Riehl, Denise Marie Leger

Reunion 2009

Class of 1984 Reunion 2009

First row: Debbie (Adamson) McCulloch, Ruth Gretsinger, Wendy Brewer, Marianne Carlyle, Arthur Drysdale, Leslie Beaver, Debbie Ratchford
Second row: Dave Wheaton, Judy Cairns, Connie Brown, Martha (Oland) Millard, Darlene (Morice) O’Shea, Bonnie (Bethune) Coulter, Beth Johnston, Janet (Murdoch) Soper, Carl (Chip) Ross

Third row: Michelle Burke, Dave Mahoney, Michael (Spike) Riehl, Heather Scales, Jeff Paikin, David Booth, Len VanNieuwenhuizen, John Smith

Class officers

President -
Debbie (Adamson) McCulloch
Vice-President -
Sue Muloin
Treasurer -
David MacDougall
Secretary -
Susan (Spershott) Avery
Janitor -
Darlene (Morice) O'Shea
Valedictorian -
Carl (Chip) Ross

Class of 1984 Art Drysdale Scholarship

The Class of 1984 has established a scholarship fund in memory of Art Drysdale ('84). This endowment fund will provide a $1,000 scholarship each year. Members of the class are encouraged to support the fund so even more students can benefit.

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