The Art Drysdale Bursary


Art Drysdale 3

Mount Allison lost a beloved member of our Alumni, Arthur Drysdale, in 2013. His passing was felt profoundly and widely not only by his classmates in the Class of 1984, but also by the faculty, the community of Sackville, his hometown of Wallace, Nova Scotia, his work colleagues, swim coaches across the country, and Allisonians across generations.

 Our sorrow drove a deep desire to keep his spirit alive and thus came the idea of establishing a bursary in his name. Anyone who has grieved the loss of a loved one knows what it means to honour their memory by giving back and thereby making a difference in someone else's life. This is exactly our intention for this bursary. We wish to ensure that future generations of Allisonians know and remember Art, while honouring our classmate who meant so much to us, by giving financial aid to future Allisonians who exemplify Art's personality.

Let us tell you about Art by highlighting his legacy. For those who knew Art, it will no doubt evoke emotions from many great memories. For those who did not know Art, we hope you come away with a sense of his bigger than life personality.

Art was special to everyone as the person who had the ability to find the part of you that needed support, encouragement, growth and nurturing. He knew how to make you feel better by being around him and his friends. His spontaneity and somewhat rebellious ideas could bring people together in unique ways that always made them happy. He had a loud voice in volume but even more in what he said. This most often involved his green guitar and singing in cities from Port Alberni, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland.

Art loved his home province of Nova Scotia and was an ambassador to the Maritimes wherever he travelled. He used his music to guide him in life by often quoting song lyrics. He was emotionally intelligent by being self reflective and therefore able to listen to people well and offer assistance in many forms. He was the precursor to Facebook and was always connecting people to help grow the large circle of friends who miss him to this day.   He loved Wallace, Nova Scotia and enjoyed his time there by the campfire at night singing the many Maritime songs that people could join in with the chorus. There were more sing-a-longs there than there were performances; for Art it wasn't about standing in front of people, it was more standing with them.

Want to get to know Art better?
You can find him on YouTube (we recommend He can, however, be found by closely watching those around you. Look for the person that can turn a mundane chore into a fun and crazy one, help resolve any issue as the voice of reason, will drop in unannounced at any time and make you wonder why he wasn't there all along, can orchestrate some great pranks that are non malicious but result in lots of laughs, and last but not least, the person who gets the only standing ovation at their Mount Allison graduation. That person has the Art Drysdale mystic.  They can get anyone up dancing on the dance floor and be the life of the party yet can be that friend you can count on one-on-one anywhere anytime.

We will be asking the bursary recipients to provide the Bursary contributors with a handwritten thank-you letter telling their story and their plans for the future. What a great way to find out how Art's legacy will live on at Mount Allison. Thank you for taking the time to read this, watch the video, remember our friend Art, and perhaps pour yourself a wee dram in his honour while watching the video again!

Reunion 2019


Classmates that have registered:


Leslie Beaver
Doug Betts
David & Betty-Jo Booth
Wendy Brewer
Judy Cairns
Jayne (Tutty) Connolly
Rick Gant
Ruth Gretsinger
Bruce & Debra (Taylor) Hague
Stephen Brian Keep
David Mahoney
Deborah (Adamson) McCulloch
Martha Millard
Jeffrey Paikin
Janet (Murdoch) Soper



You're Invited!  Reunion Weekend May 10-12



Class of '84 Forever More!  


Happy New Year everyone!

As we move into 2019, it is a time to think of friends we miss and places we love.  It may have been 35 years since our time at Mount Allison but the memories are often still strong. We are all now invited to return and share our life experiences and accomplishments with our friends at the 2019 reunion - May 10, 11 and 12.

The Alumni organizers have many activities planned for the weekend including a Friday lobster dinner and concert and the Saturday pin ceremonies, luncheon, banquet and more. There have again been significant changes on campus over the past 5 years so it will be a great way to see what has been done.

We will look to reserve a location for our class to meet over the weekend so we will have a gathering place to relax, consume some beverages and hopefully share some great guitar playing!  We are told that if you register early enough, we may all be in Thornton and will make it much more convenient to socialize.  For those of you who have made it to the past SIX reunions, you know how special it is to relive all the fun with none of the studying. If you have not yet returned for a reunion, now is your chance to get in on the action.

Check out the Alumni section of the website at for upcoming details on Reunion Weekend and to register online. In the meantime, feel free to send in photos of your days at Mount Allison to Eric Donovan at and he will post them on the class web page and include them on the Reunion Video. It is also a good idea to bring your yearbooks with you.

We look forward to seeing you back in Sackville very soon.


Best Regards,

Debbie (Adamson) McCulloch              

Sue Muloin                

Susan (Spershott) Avery

Darlene (Morice) O'Shea 

Chip Ross


Registration Options  

The All-Inclusive Package   

The all-inclusive package includes on-campus accommodations and direct access to all meals and events for your class. It's the most convenient option and ensures that you get a ticket to all of your classes events and activities.  Register for the all-inclusive package today!      

à la carte Registration 

If you would like to customize your weekend by choosing the meals, activities, and/or accommodations that are of interest to you, then the à la carte Registration is the way to go.   Visit the  à la carte Registration page to register today.      

Reunion 2014

Class of 1984 Reunion 2014

First row: Janet (Murdoch) Soper, Judy Cairns, Darlene (Morice) O’Shea, Wendy Brewer, Ruth Gretsinger

Second row: Doug Betts, Leslie Beaver, Rick Gant, Michael “Spike” Riehl, Denise Marie Leger

Reunion 2009

Class of 1984 Reunion 2009

First row: Debbie (Adamson) McCulloch, Ruth Gretsinger, Wendy Brewer, Marianne Carlyle, Arthur Drysdale, Leslie Beaver, Debbie Ratchford
Second row: Dave Wheaton, Judy Cairns, Connie Brown, Martha (Oland) Millard, Darlene (Morice) O’Shea, Bonnie (Bethune) Coulter, Beth Johnston, Janet (Murdoch) Soper, Carl (Chip) Ross

Third row: Michelle Burke, Dave Mahoney, Michael (Spike) Riehl, Heather Scales, Jeff Paikin, David Booth, Len VanNieuwenhuizen, John Smith

Class officers

President -
Debbie (Adamson) McCulloch
Vice-President -
Sue Muloin
Treasurer -
David MacDougall
Secretary -
Susan (Spershott) Avery
Janitor -
Darlene (Morice) O'Shea
Valedictorian -
Carl (Chip) Ross

Class of 1984 Art Drysdale Scholarship

The Class of 1984 has established a scholarship fund in memory of Art Drysdale ('84). This endowment fund will provide a $1,000 scholarship each year. Members of the class are encouraged to support the fund so even more students can benefit.

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