Reunion 2017


First Row: Janet Harrison, Jennifer Bell-Harding, Dan Arsenault, Katy MacKay-Works, Mike Delaney

Second Row: Stephen Harding, Pat Hitchock, Kerstin McCutcheon, Gail McLaughlin Aubé, Edward McLean, Stewart MacNeil, Dwayne Andrews, Steve Christie

Reunion 2012

Class of 1987 Reunion 2012

First row: Jennifer Bell-Harding, Maureen MacMullin, Nancy Lockerbie, Chris Hawkes, Linda (Ackman) Newman, Nancy Webster Haslett, Janet Gordon

Second row: Steve Harding, Mike Delaney, Kerstin McCutcheon, Jo (Gant) Jones, Kathy (MacKay) Works, Keith Johnson, Janet Harrison, Debbie (Langille) MacEachern, Anne Thibodeau

Third row: Douglas Patterson, Edward McLean, Ross Jones,  Jill (Hashey) Warren, Dan Arsenault, Gail McLaughlin Aubé, Kathryn Moore

Fourth row: John Savoie, Dwayne Andrews, Troy Stone, Ron Outerbridge, Greg Blunden, Daryl Newman, Pat Hitchcock

Reunion 2007

Class of 1987 Reunion 2007

Left to Right, First Row: Margaret (Doane) Poole, Janet Gordon, Leanne (Schiller) Delaney, Nancy Lockerbie.

Second Row: Pat Hitchcock, Stephen Armstrong, Kerstin (Flemington) McCutcheon, Michael Delaney, Kathy (MacKay) Works, Gail McLaughlin Aubé.

Class officers

President -
Hugh Latimer
Vice-President -
Margaret (Doane) Poole
Treasurer -
Jillian (Hashey) Warren
Secretary -
Diane (MacConnell) Cameron
Janitor -
Nancy Lockerbie
Valedictorian -
Stephen Kitchen

Class of 1987 Library Project

The Class of 1987 decided to support a library acquisitions project at their reunion in 2002. Members of the class are encouraged to support this project to put more library resources at students' disposal.

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