Reunion 2019!


Classmates who have registered:


Stephanie (Briggs) Bird
Kim (Holman) Bratvold ('94) & Jeffrey Bratvold
David Bruun
Mary Carr-Chaisson
Steven Christie
Juanita Corbett-Barreca
Kate Curzon
Stephen Daly
Rachel Day
Tara Day
Rhonda (Sears) Dean
Mary-Jo Dionne
Mike Dolan
Susanne Donovan
Dave Eddy
Peter Fisher
Mary Fotheringham
Mark Fraser
Kathryn Gates
Stephanie Gould
Aaron Hicks
Michelle Hoyt
Dave Keddy
Gillian Kerr
Erin Lawless
Rick Lloyd
David MacAulay
Christa MacKinnon
Abbey McMurty
Jean Philippe Morneau
Kaspar Mossman
Sarah Noble
Dale (Hennigar) Noseworthy
Nicholas Oldland
Jim Patrick
Charlotte Purdy-Weir
Karen (Watkins) Pratt
Traci Price
Taunya Pynn Crowe
Darrel & Lauri (Gaudet) Rice

Alison Rideout
William (Bill) Robb
Spencer Sheen
Jody Snider
Jennifer St-Onge
Kathryn (Sifton) Tector
Ruth Thompson
Sarah Touchie
Fiona Valverde
Tara Wickwire
Nicholas Woloschuk



Hello Mounties,


Quick, what was your standard Joey's order?


Like yesterday, right?


It's time for our 25 th (!) Mount Allison reunion - our time to celebrate what has transpired since we left campus (tearfully for some of us) in May, 1994.


From that first residence meeting and fun of wearing a frosh t-shirt to our command of the Jennings menu and later off campus independence and late night chats with our greatest friends for life.   

Our 25th reunion is a time to reminisce and reflect on all of the memories made during our time at Mount A, and go back to the Sack for a Mel's milkshake or two from May 10 th-12 th, 2019.


Our class residence will be in Thornton, with accommodations all in the same area and with our own lounge. This can be our home base to catch up with friends before heading out to some of the planned events. Friday night will kick off with an East Coast dinner, followed by an East Coast Kitchen Party, featuring a performance by Signal Hill. Saturday will feature the Alumni Luncheon, class photos, tunnel tours, MT A trivia, the Alumni Banquet followed by the Garnet & Gold Gala. On Sunday, the Farewell Breakfast, Chapel service, Convocation Weekend Recital and REX! by Tintamarre will bookend a truly memorable weekend. Although there will be plenty to do, there will be ample time to catch up with friends, stroll through campus or visit downtown. The lounge at Thornton will be available Friday and Saturday and we will plan receptions there both nights.


Check out the Class of 1994 Facebook page , as well as the Mount Allison website  for the 2019 Reunion for events and details of the weekend.


If you're on the fence, you're coming! Spread the word to friends - we will be sure to make it fun and memorable for all. And hey, no one understands Mount A stories like Mounties!


On behalf of the Life Class Officers : Kathryn (Sifton) Tector, Christa MacKinnon, Gillian Kerr and Tara (Logie) Wickwire


Hope to see you all in May!


Registration Options 


The All-Inclusive Package   

The all-inclusive package includes on-campus accommodations and direct access to all meals and events for your class. It's the most convenient option and ensures that you get a ticket to all of your classes events and activities.  Register for the all-inclusive package today!      


à la carte Registration  

If you would like to customize your weekend by choosing the meals, activities, and/or accommodations that are of interest to you, then the à la carte Registration is the way to go.   Visit the  à la carte Registration page to register today.      


Reunion 2014

class of 1994 at reunion 2014

Front row: Kerry (MacCallum) Daniels, Alison Rideout, Gillian Kerr, Fiona Valverde, Dale (Hennigar) Noseworthy, Melissa Corkum, Natalie Fraser.

Second row: Steven Christie, Sarah Touchie, Stephanie Briggs Bird, Heather (Anderson) McDonough, Kathryn (Sifton) Tector, Alison (Crossman) Davidson, Kelly (Benjamin) Bonnell, David Bruun, Mark Ansems.

Third row: Andrew Boyne, Sarah (Gourley) Boyne, Tanya Baxter, Mark Fraser, Tara Wickwire, Jannet (Watt) Goodall, Peter Fisher.

Reunion 2009

class of 1994 at reunion 2009

First Row: Christa MacKinnon, Alison Rideout, Sebastien Moreau, Sherri Meek, Brenda Johnson, Mario Robert, Mark Fraser, Alison (Crossman) Davidson, Sarah Touchie, Tara (Logie) Wickwire, Kathryn Gates. Second Row: Karen Watkins, Ruth Thompson, Amy Fisher, Traci Price, Gillian Kerr, Jonathan Allen, Janet (Watt) Goodall, Peter Fisher, Stewart MacDonald, Mark Baird.

Class officers

President -
Janet (Watt) Goodall
Vice-President -
Kathryn (Sifton) Tector
Secretary/Treasurer -
Tara (Logie) Wickwire
Janitor -
Melissa Corkum
Valedictorian -
Gillian Kerr