Vice-President & Secretary

Two-year tearm | Flexible |

Position title: Alumni Board (Vice-President)

Commitment: Two-year term

Hours per week: Flexible

Position description:
The Alumni Board’s primary purpose is the promotion of Mount Allison to the community at large. Each member of the Alumni Board will serve as a goodwill ambassador of the University, with the aim of ensuring that our alumni maintain a sense of loyalty towards and desire to support Mount Allison.

The duties and responsibilities of the vice-president include:

  • Assisting the President and the director of alumni relations in planning and organizing the meetings, activities, and functions of the Alumni Board;
  • Assuming the role and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence;
  • Attending all meetings of the Board and the executive committee; and
  • Undertaking and performing specific tasks as requested by the President, the Board, and the director of alumni relations

Contact: Alumni Board members will work closely with the executive committee of the Alumni Board and the Alumni Relations Office, with the director of alumni relations serving as the primary contact.


  • Must be an engaged Mount Allison alumna or alumnus:
    • A recipient of a degree, diploma, or certificate from Mount Allison;
    • A person registered in a program leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate from Mount Allison;
    • A present or former member of Mount Allison’s administrative staff or faculty;
    • An honorary degree recipient;
    • A past or present member of the Board of Regents; and/or
    • An individual whose commitment to Mount Allison has been deemed deserving of membership
  • Must be willing to accept the duties and responsibilities described above, and to dedicate considerable time, effort, and resources to the role
  • Must be well-versed in University and Alumni Board affairs, and supportive of the mission and vision of each
  • Must have strong leadership, communication, organization, and interpersonal skills
  • Must have a sincere desire and willingness to work co-operatively and constructively with the Board, the director of alumni relations, and other stakeholders of the University community

Application: The vice-president is selected by the nominating committee of the Alumni Board and must be a current member of the Board.