Student Alumni Association Volunteer

October-May | Flexible | Posted January 3, 2018

Position title: Student Alumni Association Volunteer

Commitment: October-May

Hours per week: Flexible

Position description:
The Student Alumni Association is designed to help ease the transition between university life and life after university. Additionally, the association allows students to get involved in the greater Mount Allison community before graduation.

This position gives students the opportunity to connect with the University's 20,000+ alumni worldwide and develop relationships that will be extremely valuable upon graduating.

Student Alumni Association volunteers provide assistance at events organized by the Alumni Office. They will also participate in communications with alumni and fundraising.

Volunteers can choose what events interest them and tailor their experience to their own professional and personal interests. There is no commitment expectation – you simply participate in the events you want.


  • Student must demonstrate leadership ability
  • Must work well in groups and individually
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills
  • Must be outgoing and reliable
  • Must have strong organizational skills

The Student Alumni Association Volunteer will work closely with the Layton Fisher Intern in Philanthropy who is also the Student Alumni Association Co-ordinator.

All volunteers will be provided with training before taking on their positions.

All interested applicants should fill in the Student Alumni Association volunteer information form.