Alumni Board Mission Statement

The mission of the Alumni Board of Directors is to promote and motivate the participation of alumni and friends of Mount Allison with the University through effective communication, events, and special initiatives.


  • Support Mount Allison as goodwill ambassadors in the community
  • Fulfill an advisory role that supports the Alumni Director in the development of policies and programs which contribute to the achievement of the mission
  • Provide a volunteer resource for the University
  • Support the University's fund raising initiatives by assisting the University Advancement Department in identifying contacts with fund raising potential (foundations, corporations, other alumni)


  • Promote alumni involvement in the University in a way that supports Mount Allison's mission and objectives
  • Work with the University to promote Mount Allison to prospective students
  • Promote the University's services such as conferences


  • Work with the Alumni Director to provide and develop a vision and new ideas for alumni programs that work toward achieving the mission


  • Facilitate communication between all constituents of the University (students, faculty, administration, parents, etc.) and the alumni through the Record, local alumni organizations, the Alumni Office, and an alumni presence on the Board of Regents.