Life class officers are the individuals who help keep their classes connected with Mount Allison.

Officers will work with the Alumni Relations Office to help their class stay involved and engaged with the University. This may include sending letters and e-mails to classmates, or maintaining a class webpage.

PRESIDENT The president is responsible for the overall leadership of the class, helping to co-ordinate the efforts of the other class officers, and acting as the liaison between their class and the University.

VICE-PRESIDENT The vice-president is responsible for supporting and standing in for the president when needed. Some responsibilities may include overall leadership of the class, helping co-ordinate the efforts of other class officers, and acting as liaison between the class and the University.

TREASURER The treasurer is responsible for any finances of the class, dealing mostly with the class projects.

SECRETARY The secretary will take initiative around correspondence to the class. They will maintain an accurate and updated contact list, as well as foster opportunities for alumni to communicate with each other.